Saturday, February 09, 2008

February 9th

It was sunny and mild today and I took my mother for a walk in the Botanic Gardens. Spring is in the air.

This afternoon our son was vacuuming the dining room and temporarily put the cushions on the table. Cassie liked this.

I have a cold, the kind that makes your nose and eyes stream and your teeth ache.

I had some friends round for the evening. We started teaching together in 1973 and the last one of them has applied to retire in June. This means that I shall be the only one still working. Sulk.

We’ve had social gatherings every couple of months since we met. We used to talk about men. Then children. Then teenagers. Then weddings. Now we discuss our pensions and our ailments. And in Jan’s case, her grandchildren.

I love our catlets dearly but I wish they’d stop scratching the wallpaper. So far they mainly do it in reasonably unseen corners of rooms, but – hmm. Dido, the cat of my youth, never did this.

Cats nowadays… what’s the world coming to?

Tomorrow I hope to do some gardening of the tidying variety: cutting down the dead stalks of perennials and removing last year's leaves, which lie which lie in a soggy brown blanket over snowdrops, crocuses and primroses in the back garden. Why is it that, even though I raked up all my leaves last autumn, I end up with a fresh supply at the end of the winter? It’s one of the mysteries of gardening.

This would have been my dad's 88th birthday, the first since he died.

Snuffle, sneeze, drip, blow nose.


  1. You don't sound like your normal cheerful self at all - so sorry to hear you've got that rotten cold - hope spring comes soon!

  2. You do sound a bit glum. Cuddles. See you later!

  3. Yes, re sulk: what's the opposite of schadenfreude?

  4. Poor baby! Hot cyber tea and sympathy coming your way. Also a challenge for when you feel up to it. Come by for more info....

  5. Hot toddy and a good book, Isabelle. Guaranteed cure-all. And what is it with cats and sitting on stuff? We were once decorating our living room and piled all the furniture into our bedroom. Our cat, Catface, thought she had died and gone to heaven - we found her blissfully balancing on the upturned leg of an upside-down chair on top of a table on top of our bed. She was most disappointed when everything was put back.
    Hope you feel chirpier soon.

  6. Hi Isabelle, sounds like you're having the same kind of weather as we're having now. But it was lovely today and I actually went down to the beach for a walk (it was awfully windy, though). Lots of people around here seem to have the dreaded cold symptoms and my poor daughter (expecting her 2nd baby in about 3 weeks) is down with a chest cold. Cheer up, it won't be long before your friends will be planning a retirement party for you! Then you'll be able to get all those leaves raked up whenever your creaking bones allow you! lol Just think...there is still snow in some places in the world. Does that make you feel better? Now go have a hot toddy and put your feet up. :D

  7. Not such a nice anniversary. Thinking of you.

    Aren't you lucky to still have all those lovely friends?
    Most of my favourite buddies never had children, and it has been hard to keep up with them.

    I am thinking of spring over there, and how loved those first signs of new life.
    Here the breezes of autumn are whispering in. I fid it sad to let things go. Another summer coming to and end, but I do love Autumn. Enjoy your gardening!

  8. Hope you're feeling better and had a good evening with your friends! Don't talk to me about modern cats!

  9. Think of how much better you'll feel when your flowers are blooming! I wish spring were springing here -- it was 8 degrees when I walked the dog this morning. Brrrrrr...

  10. Lemon & Honey drinks. Nice warm Doona. Cats to snuggle up with.
    Never mind the garden, it will wait.

  11. Hope you're feeling much better soon! Those catlets certainly lead THE life, even with their modern manners. Interesting to me to note that you have the same great leaf mystery as we do and you're on a different continent. And finally, hoping you're up for Molly's challenge -- yours is the one I look forward to reading the most!

  12. This wretched virus is winging its way around the planet like nobody's business - most of my cyberspace friends have suffered a cold or flu of some sort in the past month or so. Can germs spread in cyberspace? Oh yes of course - viruses...duh. (Sorry)
    Lovely photos as always of the BCs!
    I envy you all your leaves. What I would give to have all that compost to spread over our parched gardens in this ongoing drought.

  13. Hope you're having the lovely, blue skies and crisp clean air that we are enjoying!

    Its enough to clear any nasty bugs back to where they rightly belong ... and lift your spirits as well!

    As for the naughty catlets ... Isabelle, WHO is the boss in the Life household??

  14. This would have been my dad's 98th birthday. My parents had me late... really late in life.

    The change in conversations between friends is so interesting and so worldwide... almost. We now talk about our frequent doctor visits, increase in pills, creaky and aching joints, etc. Then we move on to books and movies and plays and concerts. But we are blessed that we don't have to discuss where to get food for our families and where to sleep tonight. So blessed!