Saturday, September 13, 2008

For Old Black

I love Old Black's comment (a male reader! - most rare) on my previous post:

The big question is: who are the four people in the photo on the fridge and what are they / have they been doing?...and what is that red thing hovering above the people in the left hand photo?
The four people on the right, Old Black, are our two daughters, our son and our son-in-law, sitting on garden chairs in obedience to their mother/in-law, who wanted a photo of them. We were in the garden of a house-swap holiday house in Malmo (imagine two dots above the "o", please) in Sweden at the time. The picture is now a bit faded, having been exposed to the blazing Scottish sun in our kitchen for a few years.
The people in the left-hand photo are our son and his girlfriend, in beautiful New Zealand - not, I think, despite the suggestion on the fridge magnet below, at Marlborough Sound. I do now wonder what the big black monster is, climbing out of the water on the right of the picture and just about to come and inspect them...
The hovering red thing is another fridge magnet in the shape of a car.
The fridge magnets on the right come from... the tile one might be from Delft, possibly; the ones with quotations from Shakespeare probably belong to Daughter 1; and the one at the bottom is from Rome - a cat sitting on a huge stone foot.
Thanks for asking!


  1. I feel a random meme coming on - photos of your fridge! (As long as it's the outside, not the inside, that is). Do you think we'll get to see Old Black's fridge now?

  2. How observent!! I saw the photo but didn't go into the background that much!

  3. I am usually one that sees things like that too. I always ask what happened to the incidental people in stories.

  4. "The hovering red thing is another fridge magnet in the shape of a car."
    Ha ha! What a goose I am! I didn't consider the possibility that it was a fridge magnet!

    Actually, fridge magnets are banned at our house. The last fridge we had developed rusting underneath where the magnet was, so when we got a new fridge it was declared to be attachment-free!! All our photos for display go on the sunroom wall instead, in more permanent forms.

    Now, having just mopped the kitchen floor, and having had the experience of a glimpse under the fridge (to which I then turned a blind eye), I suspect that a meme on what's under your fridge might turn up some interesting items. Of course some people (e.g. me, the house cleaner by default) might be reluctant to participate honestly in that one.

  5. The photos on my fridge are hiding 24 years of rusting. (it is an old fridge) Yours are far more interesting.

  6. I think only the grey Shakespeare magnet is mine - though it might raise the tone on our fridge, where all the magnets are either tiny coloured blobs, or cartoon animals/Japanese cute characters. Mostly holding up pictures of our siblings, and friends' babies.

    Loth - once, for a competition, I posted photos of the inside of my fridge. I made sure it was clean first!

  7. How funny -- I found myself looking at that photo of the four also on your other post! Being a teacher of writing, you should have spun some yarn about the New Zealand UFO above the children's heads!

    And oh my! I am very excited to hear about the blazing sun in Scotland!!!

  8. I think a scrapbook page on "what's on the family fridge" would be a fun topic! :)) Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you are well and happy, Isabelle!