Sunday, September 07, 2008

This weekend

The weekend:

Friday evening: book group.

Saturday morning: went to supermarket at 7.20 am so that husband could have car in time to pick up my mother at 8.40 am to take her to the Church of Scotland Guild annual meeting in distant town - son has our other car in different distant town. By mistake, locked keys with shopping in boot (trunk) so that husband had to catch bus and then run down the road from bus stop with spare keys to rescue me. Husband didn’t reproach me. Ah, a good man is worth more than rubies (though I also like rubies).

Rest of Saturday: did some blog-reading then some housework including defrosting freezer. Cats did NOT like latter, which involved cold air, lumps of ice flying across the kitchen as I chipped it off, ice melting chillily on kitchen floor and me using noisy hairdryer to speed up the process. Daughter 2, who had sore throat, did some reading for her work on the sofa. Or that was the idea.

In evening, went to party given by colleague. Husband, not long home from sitting through day-long meeting with my mother, nobly accompanied me to party though he’s more of a sit-in-front-of-television-with-cat-on-knee person than a party person.
Sunday: went to church. Had Daughter 1, SIL, mother to lunch with Daughter 2, husband and me. Took mother home. Took Daughter 1 and SIL (who don't have a car) to buy sawdust for their guinea pigs, to supermarket and then their home. Came home myself. Went out for walk with husband. Tidied up. Sat down to type out year-long schedule for one of my classes, but first answered some emails. Then put off work slightly further by writing this blog but any minute now will get down to that schedule, which will take me some considerable time. It’s now 10.50 pm.
These are some of the reasons why I don’t make quilts or knit socks or do anything creative.
580 working days to go before I retire.


  1. After teaching for 30 some years I can guarantee that retirement is WONDERFUL!

  2. Well we could say never a dull moment in your home!

    I had a laugh (sorry) at the locked up keys and the thought of your husband having to catch the bus with the spares.

    580 working days....

  3. My goodness; you are busy!

    I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I enjoy the way you start many posts with a photo of flowers.

  4. Boy, no kidding Isabelle! You don't have even a spare minute. It's so funny, I was reading along and by the time I reached mid Sunday, I was thinking to myself, how on earth do you even have time to do any reading and then you basically said the same thing! Maybe when you take your vacation you'll have some time to sit and indulge. It is good to have a rich, full life!!!

    Hope DD1 is feeling better!

  5. and yet it sounds as if the therapeutic rhythm of knitting would be a calming influence on your busy days. I returned to knitting to slow myself down. It's the only thing that truly stills my mind.

    Quilting, on the other hand, might just drive me mad with all those perfect corners...


  6. 579 days by now. Your weekend sounds manic! I hope you got the scedule sorted last night, and then managed to sleep!
    I have book club tonight. And I have read everything except the book club books. Sigh.

  7. Wow, and I thought I was impressive being in Sainsbury's at 8am! You would be heading for the checkout by then. Mind you I would have caught up with you when it came to actually starting the car. Because of course I have NEVER locked my keys in the car. Ever. Certainly not. Ahem.

  8. That is busy Isabelle, you had me gasping for breath by the end of it!

  9. What a busy lady, hope Daughter 2 has lost her sore throat, we all have locked keys in car at one time.

  10. Thank heavens for patient husbands! I've locked my keys in my car more times than I care to admit. Tim has never once commented on my idiocy.

  11. Goodness, after all the years of being so wonderfully busy, what on earth will you do with all the time you hope to have in retirement?

    I'm betting the garden will be even more lovely and the "sit-oo-terie" even more loved, LOL!

  12. Yes I vote for retirement!
    What a busy life you have.

  13. What a frightfully busy schedule. Now I don't feel quite so put out about mine.

    Love the lobelia.

    And don't count the days away! They fly past so quickly as it is!!

  14. Oh Lord, I feel a little tired now.

    What a nice man Mr. Life is .... legging it to the bus with the spare set of keys ....

    Wouldn't it be nice if there were 48 hours in every day instead of the measly 24?

    Although you'd have longer to wait .....

  15. And I thought I have busy weekends!

  16. Oh I remember having to do those year-long schedules. How often do we actually follow them? Trust me, retirement is wonderful! I only take the students I want now - to tutor after school. Easy $

  17. 580 - am I late reading this? Is it already down to 579?

  18. I chuckled my way through this post as usual, while sympathising with the car keys issue. Ken breathed a sigh of relief when my old car was replaced with the central locking model, which guarantees that you can't lock keys in the car ever again!
    There are many ways of being creative other than knitting and quilting. Writing like you do is one of them, and brings much more pleasure to many more people...{{hugs}}

  19. "580 working days to go before I retire."
    Have you started a "demob chart"? It sounds like you are looking forward to it.
    I can assure you that it can be the best time of your life - I just wish I knew how I managed to find the time to work full-time.