Friday, September 12, 2008

The ups and downs of being a cat

Happy birthday for two days ago, Daughter 1!

The cats are still enjoying the garden even though the people have to be at work. I want to be a cat.

On the other hand, Cassie got locked in the garage for four and a half hours yesterday. We couldn't think where she was. Daughter 2 went searching outside and traced the mewing to source. Cassie likes being locked in the garage even less than she likes being around when the freezer's being defrosted. Like Queen Victoria, she was Not Amused.
She's all right now, though her nine lives seem to be being used up rather rapidly.
I'm awash with marking and schedules and making up lessons, all of which fill my days and evenings and thoughts. So I still want to be a cat, despite occasional garage mishaps.


  1. Happy birthday to K. I wouldn't mind a cat's life either, I wonder what karmic level you have to reach to achieve that?

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday D1!! Maybe D1 needs to have a little chitchat with Cassie and tell her how she's supposed to behave around there. Scruff dashes into the garage any chance he gets -- he loves it out there as he gets terribly bored in the house day after day after livelong day.

    Happy Marking and Lesson Planning. Those catlets don't look like they're amused at your picture taking, so you probably won't get much help out of them!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY K. Hope you all have a nice Weekend.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. Happy Birthday K! (Any cake left by any chance?)

    And at least it was your garage that Cassie got locked in. Our cat (Catface) managed to get locked in the commercial garage over the road from our old flat and even once we knew where she was, we couldn't get her out. Curiosity and cats, what can you do?

  5. Happy belated birthday to K!

  6. lovely photo of daughter1 Isabelle. Such an infectious smile, I can't help but smile back at the picture!
    Thanks for sharing that.

    But the big question is: who are the four people in the photo on the fridge and what are they / have they been doing?...and what is that red thing hovering above the people in the left hand photo?

  7. First off, Belated Happy Birthday greetings to your very pretty Daughter!
    Thanks for more darling photos of the Black Cats...I think some cats make a living out of getting themselves locked in garages or sheds. We often hear neighbour's plaintive calls late at night: "Puss-puss-puss...kitty-kitty-kitty???" I feel awful when I open our garage to get the car out to go to work and a sleepy cat strolls out.

  8. Happy Birthday Daughter 1!!