Monday, December 01, 2008

Advent cat

This is a picture from last year but I thought it deserved a second airing. Sirius is such a goodnatured and tolerant cat. You can see the resigned expression on his face.

Christmas preparations so far: two cakes made; all cards bought, still in packets.

Well, it's a start. And now I must go and do some marking - the story of my life.

Happy Advent, everyone.


  1. Likewise - 2 cakes made, but 3 to go, and the cards bought but still in their packets.

    Love that photo:-)

  2. He is such a dear cat. Must scurry off to fashion some christmas clothing for Nimbus.

    I was about to fling off a comment about having finished all my hideous marking, but then I remebered I haven't done all the comment sheets. I have 96 to go.

    Oh, and I don't suppose it's the done thing to share cake recipes, is it? i would like to have a try at christmas cake. Last time I attempted it all the ingredients bloomed with mould because of the heat, but i will be very diligent this time.

  3. No cakes made, cards still in packets, and last posting dates to NZ nearly gone! Sigh. I will have to get my act together. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Marking papers, writing lessons.. tough in the best of times. But at holiday time, when thoughts really want to turn inward to hearth and family... marking really becomes a burden too big. Not sure how I will make it the next 15 days.. but somehow, I always get there.

    Off to enter grades in my gradebook.

  5. Mark a paper, sign a Christmas Card -- sneak them in there. Or, you could always surprise your students and declare the month of December as no papers to be marked month. Or, make them swap papers and mark each other's papers. :-)

    Love the pic of Sirius.

    And what are these cakes you all are making? We need pictures!

  6. Cats! Brilliant!
    I have 2 tabby sisters aged 13. One would like a hat ( she's very vain and even looks at herself when passing a full length mirror)...

  7. Two cakes? I only make one, but there are only two of us to eat it, so it goes a long way.
    But I'm ahead on the cards - list updated, half of them written and mailed. The other half includes the overseas mail. WHY do I always leave them till last...

  8. I got very enthusiastic and started addressing the card envelopes a couple of weeks ago, but promptly lost steam. I haven't baked a thing yet. I am, however, almost done shopping!

  9. I keep on meaning to try and take a photo of either of the dogs with a santa hat on. I'll give it a go tomorrow in the snow 'cos I think destroying their doggie dignity (?!) is an important part of the Christmas spirit!!

    Thanks for the reminder...

    Lesley x

  10. Oh your cat looks so much like my last cat that died about two years ago from a tick bite :-( We are currently waiting to hear from a local breeder as I have finally managed to "move on" and have cats in the house again.