Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas shopping

Overheard while shopping this morning:

1. Mother and small boy in bookshop

Mother: Would you like to ask Santa to get you some of these nice books?
Small boy: No, I want a Roboraptor.
Mother: Santa knows you like books.
Small boy: How does he know?
Mother: Oh, he’s clever. He knows what little boys want.
Small boy: Well, tell him I want a Roboraptor.

2. Two twenties girls in department store

Girl 1: I’m going to tell you his middle name and then you’re going to laugh.
Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: Harold.
Girl 2: No!!!

3. Father and small girl in other bookshop

Small girl: Daddy, you said we were going home soon.
Father: No, I said we were going home as soon as we could.
Small girl: Well, we could go home now.
Father: Do you want to help me choose one of these cookery books for Mummy?
Small girl: No, I want to go home now.

I wanted to go home now too. So I did. But I'll have to go up again one of these days.


  1. Did you get their numbers, any of them?
    I have a roboraptor sittjng in the hallway with noone to play with...

    I still can't bring myself to go Christmas shopping. The thought is making me faint.

  2. It is the same the world over, I suspect!
    I do feel sorry for the small children who look so tired & fed up! Also the poor mothers who need to take the children shopping.

  3. Ah, Christmas shopping with kids ..... those were the bad old days. Now mine are at school, I can grab a few things on one of my non-working days (but I still feel so bad for the wailing toddlers and their exhausted mothers).

    Love the roboraptor vs books conversation!!

  4. At this time of year the shops are so crowded that you can't avoid overhearing every conversation around you.

    I hope that man gets something fantastic for that last little girl's mummy.

  5. I just can't face Christmas shopping. I've nearly managed to get everyone something without having to do "The Big Shop" so I'm hoping I can finish the last few off by stealth in my lunch hours....

    Love the overheard come the ones I hear are usually about bunnions or hernias??

    Lesley x

  6. Well, I certainly admire your restraint Isabelle! I'm afraid I might have had to help that father pick out a good cookbook -- so mummy would get a good one (according to me teehee) and so that little girl could go home! Does this mean you didn't get all your shopping done?

  7. Oh -- and that Santa is sooo cute -- he looks old -- is he?

  8. OOOoooh. I *love* overheard conversations. Little glimpses of other people's lives. Kind of like blogging really.

  9. Priceless! I love 'overhearing'.

  10. Something tells me you were in a bookshop. Now the family can guess what those book-shaped parcels round the tree contain. Yes, books!!

  11. Christmas shopping is not as fun as years ago, it seems the spirit of the season is gone, too commercial. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.