Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas post

I hope everyone in the bloggy world is having a wonderful festive season. Ours is going well.

Look what I got for Christmas: a little 19th century Chinese medicine chest. I can’t quite decide where it’s going to go, but I love it.

Also please admire my Christmas jug, or as I find it must be described to Americans, pitcher.

Our son came home and Daughter 1 and her husband have been around quite a lot too. My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew are up from England; they sleep at my mother’s house five minutes away – more space – but everyone eats here in the evenings. So we’ve been quite a numerous party at meal times. Lots of cooking and washing up.

Daughter 2, Son and Mr Life and I went for a walk in our beloved Botanic Gardens on Boxing Day. We saw lots of parents trying to exhaust small children, urging them to run about.

Last night the eleven of us went out for a meal to celebrate the Life thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. I’ve just Googled this and evidently it’s either the coral or the jade anniversary. I can’t say I feel great desire for either of these stones. Mr Life gave me a nice book on Sissinghurst Garden and I gave him… well, nothing. Oh dear. But he got a sat. nav. for his Christmas, which he’s been playing with since then.

We also raised a glass to Thimbleanna and TheManoftheHouse, who celebrated their thirtieth anniversary on the same day. We discovered this coincidence when Anna and I were discussing the possibility of their coming to look after our fluffy friends in October. Clearly they’re just beginners in this marriage thing compared to us, but I would say it’s beginning to look as if it might last for them too. Happy Anniversary, Thimbleanna and TMOFH!

Today we went to visit Mr Life’s relations on the other side of the estuary in Fife. They live in this large and enviable house, with a terraced garden and an uninterrupted view over the sea.

We had lunch – 20 of us – in the nearby golf club – with this view.

Then the more energetic members of the party walked back along the beach.

The sun was setting though it was only mid-afternoon.

Still, the days are getting imperceptibly longer. Spring can't be that far away.


  1. Sounds like a peaceful happy time for all. I love the quiet days after christmas when all the hullaballoo is over! Happy new year to the Life family !

  2. How enjoyable - all of it. I am envious of the medicine chest and the wonderful beaches.

  3. It all sounds peaceful and deeply satisfying. Just as it should be. Lovely jug and cabinet too.

  4. Lovely chest, lovely jug and lovely house/beach/walk! It all sounds very satisfying and fun - long may that continue.

    Lesley x

    PS. I've just read Persiflage's comment and realise that I've written almost the same as she did. I wrote it before I read her comment - honest!

  5. You're SO funny Isabelle! You and Mr. Life are indeed, our mentors on this marriage thing with 5 more years experience LOL!

    Your anniversary gifting sounds just like ours -- I always get a lovely gift (this year a pretty Halcyon box) and he gets nothing. If only he liked little trinkets, my life would be so much easier!

    It sounds like you've had a wonderful week -- the walk along the beach looks heavenly. And I LOVE LOVE your new cabinet -- it looks like a perfect litle hiding place for buttons, needles and threads to me.

    Happy, Happy New Year to our dear Scottish friends!

  6. That is a very cute picture of the kitties through the banisters. Scotland just looks so picturesque, but I suspect the very short days must be hard sometimes?

  7. Well done on 35 years. May life have many more in store for You!

    I think the kittens eye colours are amazing.

    Happy New Year 2009!

  8. That Chinese medicine chest is so beautiful. I am glad to see you all had a good time, I love to walk on the beach. Hope yoy have a Happy New Year.

  9. What a fabulous house - I am very envious. I would love to live somewhere that allowed me to walk on the beach whenever I wanted. Bliss (even in Scotland!)

    Your medicine chest is beautiful - a thoughtfully chosen gift, clearly.

  10. DH and I were admiring the kitty cats' pose...purrfect! They're certainly a handsome pair :)
    I'm admiring both your gifts. Lovely! Lucky you!
    That little chest is gorgeous, and what a pretty jug.
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with all the family home. December is always such a chaotic month with all the activity leading up to Christmas.
    A relaxing walk in the B. Gardens is the perfect Boxing Day activity.
    That house, that beach....wonderful! And so many relatives! Sounds like fun.
    Wishing you a very happy 35th anniversary...and many many more!
    We're a little more experienced that you two at 37 years :) Thimbleanna and TMOFH have a way to go!
    I'm afraid our gift giving is a lot like yours. Men are harder to buy for! My DH usually wants tools or books....and often shops for himself. But I come up with a surprise now and then.
    Our sun has been setting in mid-afternoon too, but yes, the days are getting imperceptibly longer!
    Wishing you joy and many blessings for the New Year dear Isabelle. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas holiday!

  11. Your Christmas gift is just exquisite. Well done to the member of your family with such good taste in gifts!

  12. Just look at those eyes - one pair gold and the other pair blue! Your catlets are so photogenic! Your Xmas gifts are lovely; I have a couple of small cabinets like that with little drawers and they have come in handy to put jewellery in (the stuff that doesn't fit in the jewellery box). Belated congratulations for your 35th anniversary! Our Pearl (30th) anniversary is next Tuesday, and we are planning afternoon tea at Melbourne's poshest hotel next Sunday, if all goes to plan.

  13. What a beautiful medicine chest - I am wildly jealous!