Sunday, April 25, 2010


My mum is pretty unwell in a rather unspecified way. One morning I took her in a cup of tea. "I couldn't sleep for worrying," she announced.

"Oh dear," I said. "What have you been worrying about?"

"Mountains," she said.


"Well, I suppose I was really dreaming," she said, "but I was worrying about what would happen to all the mountains when the world ended. Would they all become volcanoes? And who would deal with all the ash?"

You know, I think that's one thing I won't bother worrying about at the moment. My ill mum, my confused, broken-hipped aunt, my unemployed daughter... and a few other things... are further up the list right now.

Still, I managed to fit in some gardening yesterday. Cassie always likes to help but isn't good at standing still long enough for a digital photo.

This would have been a great action shot if I'd taken it just a second earlier. Her tail came out well, though. In a blurry sort of way.

The flowers stood still, however. Polyanthus, hyacinths and daffodils.

A flowering plum. Pinky pink pink.

My garden's only little but I love it.

Fresh! More polyanthus.

Lurid ones!

Bright little daffies!

Forget-me-not and polyanthus.

Pity about the other houses. The Pentland Hills are in the distance but the houses are in the way. How I would like to live in the country. (I think.)

Grape hyacinths - what a great blue.

In the corner, a barrow full of garden compost.

Daughter 2 was plumping up the sofa cushions and made a temporary pile. Cassie was tired from all that gardening. You can see why her nickname is Queen Fluff: she's so regal.
Next week, things are going to improve. Positive thinking. Hope the sun's shining on you!


  1. Yes, a new week is here, and it will be better. I have been thinking of you this poast week - and your Mum, aunt and daughters. My garden is small too. Very small, but I love it too. And being outside is such a delight after the long cold winter! Your garden looks great, Isabelle.

  2. YOu can tell from that expression that Cassie had been waiting for AGES for you to build her a suitable throne. I bet you were all mean and took it down again though! I tried to take a picture of the dippiest of our two cats in our back garden after she had pulled the cover off our recycling box, wrapped herself in it and was trying to fight her own tail which she could just catch sight of through a chink in the plastic. The photo didn't quite capture the sheer idiocy of the situation, however, so I gave up.

  3. It will get better and gardening is very good for the soul.

  4. Your flowering trees and garden are lovely! Such beautiful colors!

    I hope this week does look up for all!! Many hugs sent across the water.

  5. I hope things get better for you soon.I am jealous of your garden we cant grow some of the plants you have shown in queensland it is to hot.I love all the british flowers I used to grow them in scotland A little bit home sick now.Keep showing photos of your garden I am always looking in I love it.
    Hugs Mary.

  6. Actually, the rain is pounding down on us here and we are moving rapidly from Spring into full blown heat! Your lovely delicate Spring flowers wouldn't stand a chance. Which is one of the benefits of a cooler climate, I suppose. Hope you have a better week. ....I wouldn't worry too much about the mountains either!

  7. Your garden is so pretty - and tidy!
    I do hope everyone has a better week. The volcano anxiety is not so far out....really.

  8. The garden looks lovely, Isabelle - our is just lots of green shrubs and very little space for anything else, must do somethig with pots.
    I am sorry you're having so many things to contend with at present, I do sympathise. It's disconcerting when someone who hasn't been a worry suddenly becomes ill and another concern to take on board. M-in-law isn't concerned about mountains but she finds it annoying that the hills she can see from her window never do anything?! Sometimes there's nothing one can say really..
    Cassie remind me of illustrations for the Princess and the Pea.
    Rain and sunshine here and definitely joining you in positive thinking.

  9. There has been so much in the news lately about volcanoes that I imagine it could quite easy to become a source of worry.

    Your garden, however, looks like a source of tranquility.

  10. Hope things pick up. In the meantime if you want to smile a little go onto the Independent newspaper website and read the Happy List for 2010. It had me grinning all day yesterday.

  11. Do you have brothers or sisters that could help out with your mum and your aunt. Sounds like your plate is very full.

  12. Oh Dear. I hope Mum's worries are a little less in this new week. And yours too, dear Isabelle. Your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous though -- I hope you can spend some time out there...just for you!

  13. Isabelle, your garden looks delightful and so inviting - I do hope you are able to spend a bit of peaceful time there in the middle of everything else.

  14. I'm sorry about your Mum, and I hope she improves. And whilst I am very happy that it's Autumn here now and we can look forward to some cold after all that hot, I did get a little pang looking at your beautiful Spring flowers. Your garden is quite lovely. I also think that the houses you claim spoil your view are actually very picturesque compared to Australian houses and I would love to see such pretty buildings over my back fence.

  15. My first thought was "I want those Grape Hyacinths" my second was "The Princess and the Pea" when I saw Cassie sitting there, so high on the cushions.
    Gom continues garden vandalism, but I hope I have saved the bulbs, this time.
    Your garden is sooo beautiful, to me. Thankyou for sharing it all.

  16. I adore your garden - it looks very beautiful. Sorry to hear about your mother, I hope she will feel better soon!

  17. It's disconcerting the way dreams and reality mix sometimes. I hope your mum is feeling better now, and consequently, you too.
    Best of luck to your daughter as she searches for a good job, and I hope your aunt is feeling less confused too.
    Isn't it wonderful to look out and see the spring bloomers? Being able to work in the garden is the very best therapy, and good for inspiring positive thoughts, don't you think?
    Your spring garden is glorious with all its beauties. What a spirit lifter!
    Yes, the grape hyacinths are the most gorgeous blue. Mine are blooming now too. The blue goes so nicely with the yellow daffs and colorful tulips.
    I love your very pink flowering plum and the rhodies...and those lovely primulas...and, well, everything!
    We actually have snow on the hills this morning, but thankfully, it didn't stick here in the valley. We're having a damp, grey-skied day and the wind is cold, making us feel like winter is back. Brrr!
    However, Friday and the weekend are predicted to be warm and sunny, so we have that to look forward to.
    Pats for the cuddly cats and happy gardening, dear Isobelle :)

  18. From now on I shall imagine our neighbouring houses blocking the view to the South Downs. Perhaps that will bring them closer! What a lovely garden you have. That blue bench looks very inviting.

  19. Mrs. Life,
    i know this is a little off subject, but i'm visiting your beautiful country in July and not sure what to pack for the weather. if you have a moment could you give me some idea?

  20. Your garden may be small by your standards, but you've made the most of it - all those beautiful flowers, and that GREEN GREEN grass (you know I'm Australian, don't you).

  21. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden, your lovely cat... and I'm sending you hugs and support and positive energy. Worries are so easily let in the side door when we're not looking, and when you love someone it's hard not to worry. Keep your chin up and know we're out here cheering you on!

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