Saturday, July 30, 2011

More baby worship

Guess who popped in for a visit today? He's being held by his other uncle, brother of his dad, up from Worcester for the weekend. I was so touched by his adoration - he who has always professed not to like babies. "He's very special," said W Uncle, clutching Grandson tenderly.

This was from last weekend: Daughter 2 and SIL with the young master.

This was last weekend too. I love the funny little faces that small babies make.

I wonder who he'll take after. His German-graduate, computer-expert, general-very-clever-person dad? His English-and-French-graduate, archivist, knitting-sewer mum? His various doctor relatives? His teacher granny and great-great-aunt? His engineer, very clever great-grandfather? His very sporty great-great-grandfather? Or any of his other relations?

Of course there are traits that we don't want him to inherit, such as my dad's choleric tendencies, a certain strain of eccentricity on my side of the family (or indeed, maybe both sides), a tendency to footer around (again among my relatives - and in the past, me) and not get on with things - and the sporting gene seems to have got fairly lost apart from maybe in our son and the Worcester uncle. And I wouldn't like him to have my sense of direction.

Or will he just be himself? Actually, a plumber would be rather handy in the family. Also I would recommend him to be tall and slender like his dad.

It's funny to think that it's all there already - bar a bit of tinkering from life and his relations and friends. All that potential for whatever he's going to be, packed inside that little downy head.

PS - Ok, commenters, he could indeed grow up to be an accountant like Grandad Life. Or have Grandad Life's beautiful blue eyes (though Daughter 1 says that this isn't possible, genetically) or his lovely thick black glossy hair, or his height, or his good nature, or his sense of direction, or his practical skills... etc.


  1. This is amazing! No complaints about sleepless nights, total exhaustion, or anything.
    (Still no granny photos, either.)
    Your family looks so loving and happy. All these photos are delightful.

  2. he IS an incredibly handsome baby boy - i keep waiting for him to appear in a bad picture, but he must be too sweet to look bad

  3. Wait now. It's dangerous to make lists like that! If I were Mr. Life I'd be saying "What am I? Chopped liver?"

  4. It's always handy to have a computer expert around, or someone who can whip up a great meal, or someone who can entertain everyone with a bit of jazz on the piano. I'd introduce him to a range of skills early on if I were you. Great pictures.

  5. As Molly says, poor Grandad Life. Isn't he a contributor?
    And also as Molly says....beware. Even tiny babies need the freedom to just be themselves.

  6. The miracle of new life in a family is beyond compare. What loving pics of the adoration, which is as it should be!

  7. Gosh, what a list of possibilities in one small package! The visit of husband's new great nephew last week was a revelation to daughter who had never before seen a 'family' baby. 'He looks so familiar,' she said, in awe - I pointed out that apart from his eyes, which are like his mother's already, he looked very like she(daughter) had as a small baby.

  8. Or he could be a bit like his wonderfully witty Grandmother! Oh the possibilities! He is gorgeous