Friday, July 22, 2011

Not hoovering

You see, the thing is: no one else has ever had a grandchild before so I have to post pictures of mine. I particularly like the one above, illustrating the optimism of the newborn on his second day of life as he attempts to extract nourishment from my boy's rather scratchy chin.

And this is just such a sweet photo. Can you imagine Grandson ever having hairy arms like Son? I used to think this when Son was that size - how can a tiny scrap ever grow up to be a big hairy man like Mr Life? (Though actually SIL is not particularly hirsute, so possibly Grandson may take after him.)

Anyway, to prove that I occasionally do other things, here's a fine picture of a traffic cone (why did I make this the main feature of the photo?) in the village of Gifford, where I went for lunch with some teaching chums earlier in the week.

I'm always vaguely looking for somewhere rural but convenient to retire to... oh, yes, I am retired now, but you know what I mean. Somewhere to spend my twilight years. How about this? The garden's nice. A lot of work has gone into that stripy lawn.

Mind you, we then passed this house, which I have to say I prefer. I'm sure I could improve the garden.

This is all displacement activity. I'm really in the middle of (no, at the beginning of) cleaning the house prior to going to the supermarket. Off I go.


  1. He is very cute and lovely. Glad all is well there now. Do enjoy the wee are both allowed to fuss and spoil him and cheerish him...he can't possibly be over loved. You lucky thing!
    I thought Dr. Uncle looked very much the part.
    We are back in London now via the lakes, having a rest day today. We were really ready for some down time.
    It was lovely to come and visit with you both at your very busy time. Thanks for being so generous.

  2. we grandmas understand; post away. Nothing cuter than a newborn babe

  3. No you might not be the first grandmother but believe me, I know exactly how you feel! You must be so proud.xx

  4. i know exactly what you mean - i have been besotted by grandbabies, too ... i think it is the "stupefy" curse that they cast with their tiny little hands (newborns don't need wands to cast spells)

  5. Ah, congrats on the grandson. You'll probably become as addicted to him as my wife has to our's. He's going to be six months old next week.

  6. I don't even have a grandbaby yet, so I'm living vicariously through yours -- I LOVE it! He's adorable and I love the ponderings you've been posting (just a few days ago he wasn't here, how can he possibly be a big hairy man...) -- all those things that put the magic in our daily lives. Keep 'em coming Granny!

  7. Evidence shows that Dr. Uncle should be a pediatrician if he hasn't already declared a specialty... he's a natural!

  8. Never mind the text - just keep posting the pictures! you know we all love a baby, and this one is such a cutie!

  9. It's lovely to see such a cuddly , snuggly little baby ..... and remember that astonished delight .
    "Look what they've just given me ! A grandchild all of my own!!"
    Congratulations to his clever parents ! ... and to Granny .

  10. Title of post is wrong: Grandson is clearly trying to hoover Son in that photo. Keep the photos coming, and a guest post from Cassie or Sirius would be welcome too.....