Thursday, July 04, 2013

How to have fun at the park

Choose a nice place to go: in this case, Saughton Park. Go there with Granny.

Tell Granny to hurry up.
 Set off at a run.

Keep running.

Have a bit of a rest. Smile.

Get going again.

Look at some flowers.

Granny: These are called paeonies.
Me: Peenies. Flowers. Fluffy.

Inspect some more flowers.

Granny: These are tuberous begonias.
Me: Onias. Flowers. Free, four, five.

Run round and round a tree.

Look through the supports of a bridge to see the ducks. Quack quack.

(Granny had a perfectly lovely time too. It's so nice not to think about the economy or Egypt or global warming or the fact that I'm getting older - and just to enjoy the moment with this enthusiastic, cheery, cuddly little chap.

Happy Independence Day, America. It's kind of you to go to so much trouble to celebrate my birthday*. Set off some fireworks for me - quiet ones, preferably. I'm not fond of bangs.)

* Oh goodness, imagine your remembering, Idle Persiflage. Thank you!


  1. Happy birthday, it is good to take time to just be.

  2. Kristi and I remembered too, lol! Afraid they didn't get the memo about quiet firecrackers though, at least not in Michigan. Our peenies are long over, May time they come out here.

    Maybe the army will sort the Egyptian problem out though not holding my breath.

  3. Reminds me, we need more fluffy flowers in the garden here.

    Happy birthday. I hope cake is featuring.

  4. Happy Birthday Isabelle! Thank you for the lovely souvenir of the Prestonpans! Letter in the mail....

  5. Many happy returns, Isabelle.

  6. Well, Happy Birthday to you too!

  7. Happy birthday......I hope Grandson helped you to celebrate!

  8. Happy Birthday! We spent today at a friend's funeral, so it was particularly nice to finish the day with cheerful photos of your grandson. Coffee some time soon, promise!

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    Thankyou for the parcel. Card posted to you this week.

  10. Happy birthday Isabelle. Like you, Persiflage is a Fourth of July baby, and loves to teach small children the names of flowers.

  11. happy birthday to you and to the USA!!!

    and, to answer your question, your post has lots of pictures of what you do all day that i do not do ... Auntia does the playing with the younglings and i do the other stuff ... i think the two of you have the longer end of the stick...

    goodies received - thank you on its way!!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

  13. Happy Birthday! what a little cutie your grandson is!!