Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It was a very special day today. Daughter 1 had made a card because she couldn't find one with tactahs on it.  Particularly not tactahs and guinea pigs.

We had coffee in Dynamic Earth ...

 ... and then went into Holyrood Park and up the hill path a little bit...

... looking back at Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the monarch when he or she comes to Edinburgh.

Every city (we think) should have some rolling hills in the middle of it.

Granddaughter met up with her unbirthday presents. You can see that she likes them!

The afternoon featured a lot of bubbles...

... and excited running around.

I have a lot of blurry pictures.

Happy Birthday, darling little N. You bring such joy into our lives.


  1. Happy Birthday wee N. What a lovely happy boy you are.
    So it must be 2 years since I was in your lovely old city.
    For once I can say; of Holyrood I've been there. Lovely.

  2. Indeed! We were just talking about your visit at tea time.

  3. Goodness, is he 2 already! Happy birthday, Little N - you won't be little for much longer.

  4. Already?! Happy Birthday. (And thanks for taking on his journey!)
    I agree about the rolling hills... even though my city doesn't exactly have any :(

  5. Wow! Two already! Just as well you've got another coming up behind!

  6. Happy Birthday N. I think of him now when I see tactahs working in the fields below us. Guinea pigs have never done it for me!

  7. Are you printing this blog into a book for him? I worry about the permanence of our digital records (well, not really WORRY, it's not that important, but you know) .... I like having something in the shelf as well.

  8. Happy Birthday to N. I'm glad it wasn't too hot to run around because a boy really needs to do that on a special day - well, on any day, really!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Such a fun age to be and he is growing oh so fast. N you are keeping everyone in your family young, so slow down a bit with the growing up, please.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to cute little N! I was thinking about you guys on and off all day yesterday -- hoping it was a beautiful day for the big TWO birthday. He's getting so BIG!

    Both those little grandbabies of yours are adorable Isabelle!

  11. What a joyful day!What a dear little blessing of a boy!

  12. Gosh, where have those two years gone already! Glad he had such a happy day.