Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The day we visited Peel happened to be the day of the Peel Carnival, which we would probably have avoided had we known it was happening but which in fact was great fun, especially as we hadn't had to organise any of it. It featured things such as the above dragon? caterpillar? We enjoyed hearing ten chaps discussing the best way to make the thing work - all with slightly different opinions.

There was this (jolly good) jazz band...

... and a few relaxed police officers, some of them wearing a white helmet like the one above. "I wonder if this is the summer helmet?" said Mr L, but we didn't like to ask. Scottish policemen don't wear helmets so we always think English bobbies look somewhat comical.

We sat having a coffee near this girl who was in her bra and tights. We felt there must be a reason for her attire.

The Carnival Queen and her attendants and their mums.

Children in fancy dress, in this case Lion-King-themed.

A rather fine Dalek.

This is Manannan, the giant of Man, who has a cloak of invisibility which he throws round the island to wreathe it in fog.

Not today, though.

Look! Our bra-wearing lady on stilts! Aha.

Of course, yesterday, the day after we got home, I was desperate to spend time with Grandson. Here's a photo for Nanny and Gramps in Worcester.

Tomorrow we're away again, this time to London to visit Daughter 2 for a week, so I must go and finish getting organised for the next set of catsitters. One long round of fun, that's the retired life.


  1. What a fun holiday! Have fun in London, you gadabout you.

  2. Well, there I was worrying because I thought you hadn't posted for a bit, and totally missed the first O of M post. Looks a smashing place, glad the slightly risqué lady was sorted - how clever stilts!

    Have a lovely time in London.

  3. "One long round of fun" hasn't quite hit Ken yet...we jumped into doing too many things at once the minute he retired, and he now says he wants to go back to work for a holiday!

  4. Oooh! When are you heading back home? You should stop in to see us in Oxford --- there's even somewhere for you to sleep!

  5. Oh,Molly, I would have loved to! I emailed you twice to suggest a meeting but you never replied. We are off home tomorrow. Alas!

    Isabelle on D2's IPad.

  6. Oh Wow -- you and Molly were so close??? I hope you managed to meet each other. You do live the life Ms. Isabelle. The Carnival looks very fun. But London! I hope you had a wonderful time with DD2!!!