Monday, August 26, 2013

Cats etc

In answer to Gina's kind enquiry about Sirius's health (he was diagnosed as having lung cancer a few months ago) he is currently fairly well. Here he is, walking across the garden a few days ago...

... and sleeping on a blanket tonight.

The vet put him on a course of two steroids per day and these have worked wonders. We did think that we'd have to have him put to sleep before we went on holiday to the Isle of Man, but in fact he's put on weight, has stopped coughing and is breathing much less fast. He's more energetic as well, though not as lively as he was, or as he should be as a 6-year-old cat. But he seems to be enjoying life much as before, as far as we can tell. We can't help hoping that perhaps the diagnosis was wrong... but we saw the x-rays and certainly his lungs were full of something. He would have needed a biopsy for a definite diagnosis, and we didn't want that, but - well, anyway. We go from day to day. He's just got another month's supply of pills and then we're to take him back to the vet (and he won't like that).

Cassie is fine, thank goodness.

Our two cats are so different in personality. Sirius is very tolerant and good-natured and purry, while Cassie is much more strong-minded, though she's very small and extremely soft-furred. It's almost as if she realises that she looks cute and fluffy and so she has to emphasise that she's a dignified cat with firm views and she'll make the decisions, thank you very much. They do light up our lives but at the same time are something of a nuisance, what with scratching the furniture and needing complicated arrangements if we want to go away. But we love them. Much like children, really. You take them on without realising the long-term consequences of total commitment. And we love them even more!

I am not so fine. Daughter 2 went back to London tonight. It was so nice to have her here.


  1. Having just returned to home after visiting family, I do sympathise. I miss the everyday contact, the popping in and out. It's all is nothing and the nothing outweighs the all, a lot of the time. It is good to read that Sirius is comfortable.

  2. They are both very good looking cats, shame about Sirius' health problem....especially as he is so young, a mere kitten really. At least your daughter is on the same continent!

  3. Good to hear that Sirius has perked up. Yes, having pets isn't all a bed of roses but life's so blummin' miserable without them.
    Hope it's not too long before you get to see your girl again.

  4. Ahhh, the sweet catlets! I'm glad Sirius is having a good spell -- crossing fingers that those spots on the lungs were some sort of weird infection. Three or four years ago, Mom and Dad's sweet black kitty Sally was feeling poorly and we took her to the vet. After lots of tests, the vet said she had something (I can't remember what it was -- leukemia or liver failure?) fairly serious and that she probably wouldn't be around much longer. Happily, she's still here -- like your kitties, in and out all day long, but always in at night. Which is a big challenge at night when mom can't remember if she's in or out! Sending healthy wishes to the catlets!

  5. Thank you for the update! I'm happy to read about Sirius; I am sure it is your care as well as the vet's medicine that is keeping him well. Funny thing about steroids. Ken's lung specialist put him on steroids to help his breathing (for emphysema, not cancer) and it has certainly kept him going for the past couple of years.