Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear Nanny and Gramps, I found a raddit

 Dear Nanny and Gramps,

I came across this wooden pull-along rabbit, or as I prefer to call it raddit, at Granny's house.

It proved to be good fun to walk round and round and round (or wound and wound and wound) Granny's garden, pulling it.

I can make it go round corners (cohnahs).

And down paths.

And over the grass.

And back again.

  so I got Daddy to pull that along.

I kept him at it for quite a long time. I know Daddy is very clever - the cleverest person that Granny knows - and I feel that this means that duck-pulling is a very suitable occupation for him. Did he do it when he was a little boy, Nanny? He seems to have a talent for it.
(Sorry about the blue words above. I don't know why they won't un-blue but then, I'm only two. Daddy would know.)


  1. Of course Daddy would, Daddies know everything there is to know......they even know how much fun pulling along a duck can be.

  2. Well, little N, you're adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful afternoon with Daddy. Won't it be fun when your little sister is big enough to pull toys with you???

  3. Is there not a tactah he could pull along? I have one but it is too big to send.