Thursday, September 12, 2013


Look! Yesterday I made my holiday patchwork potential-cushion-cover into (ta da!) a cushion cover! With a zip! This meant confronting the Scary Sewing Machine of Doom (which as usual sewed beautifully on the front and made a horrid tangle on the back - but I ripped this out and adjusted the tension and it more or less did what it was told from then on). It also involved trying to remember how to put zips into cushions. I consulted the internet, which didn't agree with itself, and in the end I just did it my way. I did consult Mr L, who has much better spatial awareness than I have but has less experience of putting zips in cushion covers. I'd done it before, a long time ago when I was young and more confident.
I once made a patchwork cushion cover before, too. It took me months, on and off, and involved paper shapes and plastic templates and all sorts. Then people inconsiderately leaned back on it and wriggled about and it wore out. This one is for show only. Do not treat it like a cushion. You have been warned.

We had a lovely time with Grandson today. We went to the park.

Then we came home and played inside...

... and outside.

At lunch time, he and I were eating home-made soup. I make soup with whatever of vegetable matter is in the fridge and this time it included some broccoli stalks. There were some tiny shreds of these which hadn't been completely ground up when it was liquidised and he kept fastidiously removing them.

"It's all right," I said. "You can eat those bits. They're good."

He fished one from his mouth and held it out to me. "Granny eat it," he said.

You can't fault the logic.


  1. When is a cushion not a cushion?( when it's a show piece made by Isabelle! ) "Well done," I say.

    Young N is growing up beautifully!

  2. Well done you, it's a very lovely cushion! I'm with the grandboy on broccoli, you know.......

  3. Mm, not wild about it, I must say. Very well done on the cushion and very impressed with a zip too. Anna will be beside herself!

  4. the cushion looks lovely. good for you for persisting with the zip - I would have gone for velcro at the first sign of trouble. not sure that would have been a better option, though.

  5. Your grandson is always so lovely! And your cushion cover is lovely too...I have made cushions with the back made of old shirts cut up with the button parts down the center. I would never try a zip! Once I used to know how to do these, but not so much any more.

    I'll try the word verification once more, but my eyes are not that great anymore.

  6. congratulations once again, Isabelle!!! a finish!!! that is a very rare thing around here - and none of my finishes have included a zipper in a gazillion years - very IMPRESSIVE!!!

  7. Well done...very pretty....and certainly not to be used!

  8. Gillie is correct -- I AM beside myself.


    It's beautiful and I laughed out loud with the warning to any visitors -- you're too funny.

    I'm so sad that we don't live near each other. We'd be putting in zips left and right and it would soon be second nature.

    On another note, Little N is SOOO cute, I don't know how you stand it. He's at such a fun age and I'm looking forward to hearing about all the funny things he'll be saying in the next few years!

  9. Oh! And I forgot to say....

    Pillow done....onto the Christmas quilt LOLOLOL!!!!

  10. I'm impressed with your cushion and the way you worked out it was a tension problem and were able to adjust. Looking at your grandson reminds me so much of my boys at that age, always digging or playing with a car or train. So lovely.

  11. And did you? (eat the bits of broccoli from his soup).
    Never mind. Your patchwork cushion is lovely, and I wouldn't let anyone sit on it either. I spent months sewing a crewel embroidery cushion for a family member, thinking she would treasure it. Within a year it was water stained and faded from being left on outdoor furniture in all weather....Ah well, I never said anything. It was only a cushion after all.

  12. Oh dear! It has been too long since I sat and perused the blogs I love! Grandson is looking so much bigger! And you are making me envious of your sewing skills, now, too! :)

  13. If I'd made anything so pretty as your cushion , let alone put a zip in it , I'd be extremely reluctant to give it to anyone . Your generosity does you proud .
    It's good to know that Grandson likes to share as well ...