Monday, September 09, 2013


It's Daughter 1's birthday today. Happy Birthday, K! I thought that Mr L was taking a nice photo of her blowing out the candles on her cake but it turns out that he was only taking a picture of the cake (which wasn't really very artistically iced because I did it rather late last night) so I won't bother with it. Instead, here are some photos of our walk yesterday by the sea quite near here.

Quite a few people were messing around in boats. I thought: where do they get the time? And then I thought: actually, I must have lots of time now. But the days seem to whizz by. Very strange.

Edinburgh was out in force: small children cycling along the sea front, dogs bounding, people wandering, seagulls swooping.

Hard to believe that it's autumn except that I keep reading about Australians enjoying the spring.

Daughter 1 had a little wander round the shops today while Mr L and I looked after the children. Such fun. Grandson is very nice with his little sister. He was playing on his push-along bike in the garden while she looked on. Then he stopped, got off, went into the house and came out with a rattle. "Look, [Granddaughter], a wattle," he said, and put it into her hand before climbing back on the bike and resuming his ride. Aaahh!


  1. We're not quite enjoying the spring, it seems to have bypass us.....we've gone from winter to summer! Enjoy your coming autumn, and think of us down here sweltering.

  2. Awwww, what a sweet small grandson! They'll both be playing together in no time. Your photos are beautiful and it looks like you've had such a wonderful summer this year. I'm thinking this would have been the year to climb Ben Nevis LOL!

  3. aww, it's so sweet when they play nicely like that!

  4. What a sweetheart! May it ever be so! And I'm sorry we didn't get to see the cake!

    Here in Ohio it is 91 today and feel, the weather forecast says, like 99. (That's 37.222 celcius). It is insane because it's been quite cool lately and will be cool again in about two days. Definitely autumn will be here soon.........

  5. That's what big brothers are for. he looks to be shaping up nicely. Autumn has arrived too abruptly for my liking. I had to put the heating on. I'm sure I usually leave it off until October.

  6. Mm, I am not too far from khristi and yes, HOT, it's thundering right now but not much rain yet.

    Re your last post, on our trip home we found out we, or the WT anyway, has a similar cousin not too far from us in Michigan. I would like to get in touch..

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  8. Your Grandson is so adorable!