Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mainly cakes

In cake news...

I don't have anything exciting to say - not like my usual thrills-and-spills posts - so I thought I'd do a little advert for this place. It's called The Salt Yard and it's in Dalry Road in Edinburgh. It's very good - maybe not quite good enough for anyone to fly from Australia to visit, but from a bit nearer, yes.

It's run by Gorgie Church and has been set up as a community café, run mainly by volunteers, using Fair Trade food and selling Fair Trade goods of various kinds. They do absolutely delicious cappuccino (lots of froth, just how I like it) and other coffees, teas, home-made baking, light lunches and so on. It's a lovely space, too: roomy and light.

Mr L and I pop in there every Tuesday on our walk home from my piano lesson. The three-and-a-bit-mile walk entirely offsets the coffee and cake that we have in the Salt Yard.

In gardening news...

I planted lots of bulbs in pots today: crocuses and various daffodils. The days are getting noticeably shorter, though it's still warm. It's so nice to know that over the winter, the magic will happen: the dry brown bulbs will grow shoots and then in the spring there'll be lots of flowers. Gardening is a comforting occupation.

In further cake news...

Anyone watching "The Great British Bake Off?" We've never watched cooking programmes but Daughter 2 recommended it and we've become mildly addicted over the past few weeks. The contestants are all really pleasant and help each other out - so cheering. The only trouble is that it makes us hungry. Fortunately we have no cakes to hand in the evenings. (Or unfortunately, in Mr L's view.)


  1. That café looks really nice! Fair trade products are good and home baking is very nice. It's definitely magical how bulbs grow into flowers, isn't it? I don't watch cooking programs either, not even bake-offs.

  2. Mr Life8:26 am

    At least I had a delicious, fresh out of the oven, scone and jam at the Saltyard earlier in the day.

  3. Ooooh, I want to make that walk with you and stop in for some cake! Nest time! Wouldn't it be fun to just do a tour of cake shops in Scotland? Hmmm...walks and cakes...sounds like a great plan....