Monday, October 07, 2013

Four unrelated facts

This is a statue of Adam Black in Princes Street Gardens. According to Wikipedia, he was a bookseller and publisher who was Lord Provost (Scottish version of Lord Mayor) and an MP. He died in 1874. Presumably he just happened to be prominent at a statue-erecting time and there he stands, almost totally (I'd think) forgotten, but still clutching his scroll with pride.

We're looking after Daughter and Son-in-Law 1's guinea pigs while she and he are visiting SIL 1's family down south. Here are the furry girls enjoying a snack. They do this a lot.

Sirius still seems reasonably well, though the bald patch from his medical procedures still mars his velvety beauty slightly.

And I am making progress with sewing together all those squares that I recently cut apart. Tony the Painter and his assistants Michael and Cameron have been busy painting the outside of our house. I feel a bit like Marie Antoinette as I sew unnecessary patches while they sand and paint and climb up and down ladders outside the windows. However, it's quite satisfying to see the strips grow. Fourteen down, three to go. Then I have to join the strips together, which I suspect may cause my temperamental sewing machine to sulk. Not to say me.


  1. Yes, the Victorians were great ones for statues, weren't they? Statues of people who had a claim to fame in their day, but that fame hasn't always lived on! Your green quilt will be very pretty.

  2. As long as you're letting them all eat cake, all will be well!

  3. The strips are coming along nicely! Your machine sounds like it is related to mine-after a few passes, it gets jammed and stuck, leaving me more frustrated and impatient. :) I think your project is coming along nicely!

  4. Mr Black was twice Lord Provost and also an MP for a time. He published three editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and owned the copyright to Walter Scott's Waverley novels (says Wikipedia). Publishing at that time was a major business in Edinburgh and he seems to have been one of the most prominent figures in it. But no doubt there were other equally deserving citizens who were not carved in stone.

  5. Your quilt will be lovely once finished......I would suggest no more than two rows be joined on any one day. I know some people would finished it one fell swoop, but for me it's a bit too full of tension trying to line everything up well.

    My grandson has a guinea pig, but is a little sad that she is so nocturnal and their time to play in limited.. And she cannot sleep in his room at night because she makes so much noise the whole time and wakes him up.

  6. Ahhh, I like Kristi's advice to take it slowly. I just did the same thing with the quilt I'm currently working on and after years of rushing through putting tops together, I totally enjoyed the slow, deliberate way.

    It's looking good. EEEEK -- I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!