Friday, October 25, 2013

Pure joy

Probably like most people, I have various major worries in my life which are not really bloggable. However, on Thursdays I usually go and pick up Grandson and take him off for the day, and this is just pure, wonderful, incomparable joy. Granddaughter is very nice indeed too - see above - but she's still breastfed so not available to be borrowed for long stretches of time. I look forward to this next stage in her life too - and isn't being able to look forward to something nice such a comfort?

I loved being a mummy to young children but being a granny is in some ways even better. We often go to the Botanic Gardens. No doubt when he's twelve Grandson will not regard a walk in the Botanics with Granny as the highlight of his week so I appreciate so much this period of his life when he enjoys just trotting about freely.

I know I've said all this before but it's SO TRUE.

There are lots of things for a two-year-old to look at. Here he contemplates the little waterfall at the new alpine garden. One of his little jokes is to look at it and say "Waterfall. Ouch!"

The wonderful thing about retired grannyhood as opposed to motherhood is that you're not trying to do the dishes or the shopping or pick up various children from school and take them to ballet (why did I take my daughters to ballet? We are not a balletic family). You just indulge yourself by spending the day with the child and joining in his or her activities. It's so rewarding and it makes you one of his favourite people! - which is a very warming feeling.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not working any more - I feel a bit useless now. I spent my life with young people, trying to educate them and help them to get qualifications (not necessarily the same thing, alas). But on a day like yesterday, I wander in the sunshine after this beautiful and intelligent little boy (grannies are allowed to boast; it's in the contract) and I realise that explaining sentence construction, while worthwhile, has somewhat lost its charm for me. How unbelievably lucky am I, to be able instead to follow him as he spots labels on plants, as above? Each label is greeted with surprised enthusiasm: "Another label!"

Or to watch him as he looks at those very big leaves on gunneras,

... admires this bigger waterfall ("Ouch!" again),

makes rustly noises with leaves,

examines a tractor,

sits on a wall for a little rest on the way back to the car.

Then we went back to our house and played and played and played.

Perfect happiness. I love you so much, little N.


  1. Awwww, so sweet :-)

  2. He's growing and changing SO much! These are the days he'll always remember -- how lucky are BOTH of you? I do so envy you -- for your retiredness and your grannyness (hey, you used balletic -- which is interesting -- that must be a word? I looked it up and didn't find it, but the computer doesn't underline it at not-a-word like it does my two "ness" words!) Did I tell you I'll be a granny soon too? Sadly with a defect -- four legs instead of two. {Sigh.}

  3. He is a darling little boy! You are so lucky to have his dear happy little sister to follow in his footsteps. These years are so precious. My youngest grandchild is Stephen who just turned three, though for some reason of his own he insists on calling himself "three and a half"! It seems unlikely that I will have more grandchildren, though one never knows. But every Tuesday I spend the morning with Stephen and we have lots of fun together.

  4. Oh! The love really shines through in this post. He's so lucky to have such a caring grandmother.

  5. You described perfectly the difference in valuing retirement and valuing the contributions we made to the world while working. I have been pondering along those lines myself lately. See my Oct 9, 2013 posting also.

    BTW, grandson is wonderful. Who wouldn't want to take him to the gardens?

  6. Such beautiful children! I share your enthusiasm for grandmotherhood and for the time to appreciate it.

  7. Such adorable grandchildren-they are growing so much! I enjoyed "walking" it the botanics with you through the photos, too. :) Glad to see all is well!