Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It's been lovely weather here. It was sunny when we had coffee in John Lewis yesterday.

It was still sunny as we drove up to have lunch with Son today.

The sun shone on Gloagburn Farm as we ate.

We then climbed Moncreiffe Hill, where there are Pictish hill forts. This isn't one. It's just some posts which have been placed at the foot of the hill to give one a Pictish feeling as one reads the information boards.

Son posed Pictishly, though didn't actually cover himself with paint, which miight have been more authentic (or might not).

This, apparently, is the site of a Pictish hill fort from the Late Iron Age or Early Mediaeval period. You get views in all directions so could see the enemy approaching, though we weren't quite sure what you'd do about it. There didn't seem anywhere much to hide.

But everything looked very peaceful today.

I've now sewn my tumblers together in rows and - since taking the picture - have joined three rows together. There was a tiny bit of unpicking involved, but not too much. I know it's all very simple but it's quite satisfying. Maybe I'll try something more complicated next time (or maybe I won't).


  1. How lovely to spend time walking with loved ones...and the quilt is coming along nicely...very spring like colours.

  2. Yes, those long-ago people would have had a good view as their enemies came up the hill towards them......wonder what they thought then?

  3. Isn't a sunny winters day good for the soul? And to share it with Lovely Son, even better!

    You've reminded me - I really must head up to Carl Wark (our local Neolithic (I think) settlement) sometime soon. I haven't been up there for a few years now - how did that happen??!

    Lesley xx

  4. Perhaps they just hurled insults at them. Doesn't the sun make a difference? It has been rather overcast the last two days and now rain is forecast. Boo.

  5. What a good post, the sun does, indeed, make such a difference to one's mood.

    Lunch with your son must have been uplifting too.

  6. Apparently ancient Irish warriors fought naked under their paint. I find this simply incredible given the climate.There really should be a travel guide to accompany your blog so that we could come and do the This Life tour of Edinburgh and beyond. In much the same way as you can now come here and do the Game of Thrones tours. Mind boggles. Should I watch Boyhood? I fear it would be undoing.

  7. Beautiful colors on your Tumblers piecework. That is a lovely project! I wish we could walk outside here.... It will be about -20C here tonight. I'm going to pile another quilt on MY bed!