Friday, February 27, 2015

The week

On Sunday, Grandson played with his road signs and cars, using the entire sitting room carpet for this purpose, as usual.

On Tuesday I went to my piano lesson. This is the view from the bus stop - Edinburgh Castle behind a graveyard and trees.

On Thursday the grandchildren came again. Isn't Granddaughter getting girl-like rather than baby-like?

She and Grandpa enjoyed "Ivor the Engine".

Grandson smiled nicely for the camera but by the time I actually took the picture, he was yearning to get back to his car layout.

It's spring. I do like being able to pick a little vaseful from the garden.

And later on Thursday, Daughter 2 came home for a long weekend, which always improves any week. I don't know why Mr L looks so red. He isn't really.

On Thursday evening the three of us watched "What We Did On Our Holiday" - a really enjoyable film, we thought. It was set mainly in the Highlands of Scotland, which are so lovely (and in another life I would live there among the hills and empty beaches) and stars David Tennant (who's always good), Rosamund Pike (ditto, also very beautiful) and Billy Connolly (of whom I'm not a huge fan but actually he was rather effective) - and some children, who were excellent. The film is funny but also surprising - it's slightly oh no! in the middle but fine in the end. I've just read a review which calls it "supremely modest", which I think is a good description. It made me smile a lot and it wouldn't really happen but then again... it just might.

And that was the week so far.


  1. Goodness, Granddaughter is growing up fast. As you say, a little girl now, not a baby.

  2. She seems to be shooting upward, the precious little thing.

    I thought that I had read the book of that film, many years ago, but I don't recall too many funny incidents in it, perhaps I am mistaken.

    1. I don't think it was ever a book.

  3. Your granddaughter is so dear! I love your spring flowers, but we still have to buy them here...I have a nice little bouquet of daffodils for St. David's Day today.

  4. Great pictures. I will order the film from Lovefilm for my rental list. It sounds great. And ... well ... David Tennant ...

  5. All lovely. Such dear children.
    It is early autumn here. My mint is flowering vigorously, and the birds are still feasting on the berries in the curry leaf tree (murraya koenegii). They make big mess.

  6. It looks like a perfect week Isabelle! I can't believe how quickly little granddaughter is changing -- and grandson too for that matter. They're growing up MUCH too quickly! And that movie sounds VERY interesting -- I haven't heard of it, but I'll have to see if I can find it over here.

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