Friday, March 06, 2015

Doing things

The weeks flash by and somehow I never have enough time. The garden needs attention now that spring is more or less here - I cut some things back today but there's still a lot of tidying up to be done. I should practise the piano more. And I want to get on with my quilt. And of course there are friends to meet up with, grandchildren to play with, books to read, walks to take, blogging to do... . I have a huge backlog of things I want to do, from when I was working and never had any time at all.

Sometimes the grandchildren play together, or at least alongside each other, as above.

And sometimes they play separately, as below. Children are so busy as well.

We always miss Daughter 2 so much after she goes back to London. Still, as I said, it's kind of spring. These little daffodils smell heavenly.

And I've sewn the tumblers together and cut out bits of fabric for the borders. Now to attach them. I hope I haven't made them more complicated than I can cope with. Wish me luck.


  1. Darn it....first one got lost in cyberspace. Glad to see you are enjoying retirement; it does take some getting use to. As most people say, you wonder how you had time to work!
    I am envious and admiring of your quilting. Envious because you are doing things that I haven't been game to try after five years of messing around with patchwork and quilting!

  2. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished creation! I know just how the things you want to do, plan to do, dream of doing, need to do, pile up. I have no idea where the time goes either..... Groan.

  3. WooHoo -- look at that pretty little quilt grow! What do the grandchildren think about your quilting -- do they want to help? And I try not to think about the time thing -- I always think if I could just retire, but I know life will still be full. And as much as I want grandchildren -- how will I ever have the time for them???

  4. Two of my favourite things in your post: children lying on their sides playing and spring bulbs that have flowered.