Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Old and new

Fourteen years ago, we got new sofas and rug for the sitting room. The rug was from Ikea and was very cheap but we decided that it would do for the moment. But recently it was getting rather scruffy so we got a new one, which was delivered on Saturday. We chose it to tone in with the covers of the sofas, which are a navyish blue. The sitting room has French windows which face south and we were aware that the sofas had faded slightly - not really enough to warrant new furniture, and anyway, they have loose covers which could be replaced, if they were bad enough and if we could be bothered.

So we put the rug down and it was fine. It's blue, not lilac as it looks in the picture and it goes quite well with the sofa covers.

But then I decided that we should... Mr Life should... go into the attic and retrieve the very heavy cardboard box which has been there for fourteen years because it came free with the suite and contains a spare, cream, set of covers. For some years I've vaguely wondered what it would look like if we put them on instead.

They were very crumpled and not easy to iron, being somewhat unwieldy and not a regular shape, but I did my best. Mr L removed the navy covers (frankly, they were very overdue for a wash, though they looked ok because they were dark) and replaced them with the cream ones. This took him some considerable time and he's possibly not going to be very keen to do this again in the particularly near future.

It is, as my mother would have said, a wee change.

It's not at all practical as a colour, is it? I'm not sure that it's a permanent look, though we don't use this room all the time so it won't be sat on every day. It's where the grandchildren mainly play, however!

The new rug no longer matches it, of course, but the Ikea cushion goes rather well so that's all right... . I need to do some more ironing of the covers by lying on the floor and doing the best I can without taking them off.

I still haven't actually washed the navy covers, since I need a good drying day (and the biggest bits will have to go to the laundrette because they won't fit in the machine).

Talking of things that have been going a long time and which then change, I've realised that my blog has passed its ninth birthday (gosh, how did that happen and why have I not achieved much in the past nine years?). Since I no longer have students who might (though almost undoubtedly never did) stumble on it, I've decided that it's about time to stop being Isabelle (which is my middle name) and declare myself by my first name, which is Pam. I've never really liked the name Pamela but it was a very popular Fifties choice. Pam is marginally better but both are rather jolly-hockey-sticks. Anyway, there we are. Hello.

Now I must see if I can change the name on my profile.


  1. Hi Pam! I love the cream covers, but no, it's not a practical cover. We inherited wall to wall cream carpets in this new to us house, and no, they're not very practical either. I have used more vanish in the last eleven months than I did in the sixteen years at number 28. In this life!

  2. Good morning Pam and congratulations on a very impressive birthday for your blog. Long may it continue to flourish.

  3. Oh - I still think of you as Isabelle, it sounds more Scottish than Pam! Happy birthday to your blog......I wonder did you think, all those years ago, that you only have one more year to make ten years?

  4. Happy 9th and hello, Pam! I really like your new covers. We could never have cream seating here. Unless it came with a muddy paw print pattern.

  5. I love white sofa covers, I've wanted to get some for our couch for the longest time. But we're such slobs I've been afraid to do it.
    Happy Blog Anniversary Pam. I knew lots of Pams growing up, fewer now. My name is rather old fashioned too---Janet.

  6. Pam? gosh no you truly will be Isabelle to matter that Pam is a lovely name...and we had that suite and those covers and boy oh boy they are a pain to wash and put on/off...but look lovely!

  7. Sorry, dear heart, but Isabelle you will remain, do you mind?

    The slight impracticality of the covers remind me of the Darlington house......a pale green, absolutely gorgeous carpet in the drawing room......we chose it after the Wyoming Cowboy came to join his two big sisters......but unrepentant, I loved that room........

    Happy Ninth!

  8. Haha -- I'm laughing at your commenters who will always think of you as Pam -- I thought of them as I was reading your post -- we do have a hard time with change LOL. But, for me -- Finally! Finally, I don't have to worry about accidentally typing Pam again -- I've always felt terrible about spilling those beans!

    And for your math lesson today:
    A = New Cream Sofa
    B = Cream goes with everything
    A+B = New Cream Sofa that goes with everything
    Since a new blue rug falls into the broad category of everything,
    New Cream Sofa goes with new blue rug!

    And it all looks great (although, as you said, cream may not be the best color for where the children play)!!!

    Oh -- And Happy 9th!!! Next year is the big 10 -- you must plan a big celebration. Like a Visit to the STATES!!! ;-D

  9. Congratulations on your Coming Out, Pam! I had to stop myself typing "Pam" on occasions, so I'm glad I don't have to worry about that now! I think the cream covers make the whole room look lighter, and the blue rug looks just fine with them.

  10. Hey - I've got one suggestion for you. A steamer! You can buy a travel steamer fairly cheaply, and you can plug it in and steam the wrinkles right out of those covers while they're still on the furniture. It will make a world of difference.

    Sorry, I'm on the "pro-Isabelle" team. If you think my real name is Marcheline, you can just guess again sister. 8-)

  11. I knew about your name but I managed to keep it under wraps.

    I have that same cushion, isn't it very Scandi?

  12. Happy ninth blog birthday, mine passed its eighth some months ago, who'd have thought we'd all still be here? Rather brave to step into your real name, I think I've known it for years but never thought of you by it, Isabelle is nice, but Pam is fine too. I don't think I knew many of my age but people at school had sisters and cousins and aunts called Pamela; I think it's always seemed quite a posh name to me!

    The cream covers are bright and fresh for spring. I feel rather guilty and sad observing how much cleaner everything keeps with the absence of black hairs and paw marks, but it is a fact. Though I still wouldn't brave pale colours much, on house or person, I like living to way I do too much and don't like cleaning enough.

    The steamer sounds a possibility, or just let the creases drop out or yourself get used to them. Re-dying the old blue ones is also possible, but then faded is nice too.

    One can change or keep things the same, ça ne fait rien...

  13. You have come out as Pam just as your namesake Cyclone Pam is wreaking havoc over in the South Pacific! Maybe that's why several readers are sticking with Isabelle!! I'll wait and see...

    I love the cream, think it's nice and fresh and goes with everything. The grandchildren seem to be pretty well behaved so I'm sure it'll last a little while at least!! And then, well, that's what throws are for!

    Lesley xx

  14. Many of us aren't happy with our given names, are we! My friend up the road complains bitterly that not only did her parents call her Pamela, but they added Daphne for good measure. I'd much rather use my blog name all the time rather than my dreary real name, and should have had the forethought to introduce it when I moved down here, but I was too slow off the mark....

  15. All right, Pam, but I will still think of you as Isabelle!