Monday, March 09, 2015

Nearly new

Today was Granddaughter's birthday. She's 2. Daughter 1 made her a panda cake. Granddaughter likes pandas, though not as much as she likes cake.

She appreciated the artistry...

... but made sure that she got some cake stuffed in her mouth as soon as possible, in case someone thought better of this unusual carbohydrate largesse.

Today, her actual birthday, we went to Prestonfield House for afternoon tea in a private room. The house, now a hotel, was built in 1687 and various important people have visited it over the centuries, such as David Hume, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Johnson, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Sean Connery (is he important?), Catherine Zeta Jones (is she?) and Oliver Reed (well, again...). The decor is still very much as it was originally and the house is full of antiques.

It was a generous tea, not entirely without calories.

Granddaughter may be disappointed at the meals she's provided with tomorrow.

You can see our main city hill outside the window, basking in the balmy Edinburgh sunshine. Well, actually it was blowing a gale and intermittently raining but we'll ignore that.


  1. Happy Birthday to your darling granddaughter who knows what she likes! So sweet! Prestonfield House looks like something I'm very sorry to have missed last time I was in Edinburgh (of two times in 70 years!).

  2. Happy birthday wishes to Granddaughter! Birthdays are probably meant to be's only once a year, after all.

  3. Belated many happy returns to Granddaughter. I think you're rather brave to hold a toddler party in such a splendid setting!

  4. My gosh, it doesn't seem possible that she's 2 already. A belated happy birthday to her.

  5. NO!!! How can this be??? She can't be TWO already!!! Ohmygosh! Well, anyway, she's just cute as can be -- and what a fun year ahead of her! It looks like you had a wonderful family get-together for her birthday (well, several of them!) And Isabelle! Really! How could you even think to ask if Sean Connery is important? Especially if he's wearing a kilt????

  6. What joy, in picture two. She is a delight, that granddaughter of yours.

  7. Oh that cake is so cute! I love pandas too, so I can relate to Grand daughter's delight with it :-)
    Sean Connery important? He is to die for! (down girl..)