Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It was a beautiful day yesterday and we went up town to see the Arthur Melville exhibition. It was excellent. Here's a photo of Princes Street Gardens, just beside the gallery, with the Castle lurking behind a tree. Very Edinburghish.

And here's the Scott Monument - Gothic and somewhat impractical, but ornamental in its way.

And here's the shadow cast by the said Scott Monument on a reasonably nice elderly building, which fits in quite well with the rest of Edinburgh's architecture.

But look at the building behind it, which is nearing completion.

Here it is from the opposite direction. In the background you can see the pleasantly wiggly, domey, spirey skyline of the Old Town. Now, call me an old fuddy-duddy but how on earth did anyone grant planning permission for that lump of glass in this context??? - just round the corner from Edinburgh's main street.

I tell you, when I rule the world there will be some changes. Granted, glass buildings in historic cities are not the world's biggest problem by a long way. But - hmm.

More pleasingly (and you have to concentrate on the pleasing things sometimes or you would despair) the hyacinths that Daughter 2 gave me at Christmas time are opening beautifully.

And I've cut out 430 pieces of fabric to make my next quilt top. Yes, a perfectly sensible thing to do. Or at least a harmless one.


  1. I'm not a fan of modern architecture, particularly in a historic area.

  2. I agree. The wrong design so close to the historic old buildings of Edinburgh.

    Your hyacinths look lovely.

  3. I echo your dismay at the modern glass in such a historic area. I've never liked the glass pyramid at the Louvre for that reason! Edinburgh looks lovely; my relatives were from Glasgow though. Probably not as nice?

  4. The new building does jar somewhat.....but it makes you wonder if any of those older buildings were once considered rather avant-garde themselves?

  5. It does at least create some nice reflections - she added controversially.

    1. True. It could be a lot worse!

  6. I don't dislike modern architecture up close to old stuff as long as it's not terrible! And am quite keen on glass.

    I'm jealous about the hyacinths, didn't get any this year.

    Lesley xx

  7. I have grown used to modern architecture blighting the older, more artistic.

    Your Hyacinths are far further on than mine!

  8. I'm an old fuddy-duddy right there with you. I don't like modern architecture -- no matter where you put it. Well, maybe it can go in a desert somewhere - that would be fine LOL. And fabric cutting is ALWAYS sensible. I'm excited to see this new quilt take shape!!!

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours....and is there a bar under the 'reasonably nice elderly building'? I think we had a drink in there once.

  10. Beautiful photos as always, Pam. You make even the worst buildings look wonderful! It would be good if one could put old heads on young shoulders, as my Dad used to say - the wisdom combined with youthful strength might solve some of the problems the world is facing, including ugly new buildings..