Saturday, January 09, 2016

Ali and Ali

Nothing has been happening except that we've seen a lot of the grandchildren, which is wonderful but tiring and means that nothing else gets done.

It's so interesting to watch the little ones playing. I brought out a tin containing my penny collection; and Grandson immediately started using the coins for his road layouts. He's hardworking when he plays! I hope this continues once he starts school. (Not if he takes after his schoolgirl granny, it won't ... but more likely if he takes after his daddy.)

I started my (old) penny collection when I was about 10. I had read in Arthur Mee's Children's Encylopaedia (I think it was) that in 1933, only 6 or 7 pennies were minted - no one was sure exactly how many - and that it was possible that one was still in circulation. So I decided to look for it in my change; and at the same time to try to collect one penny from every year dating from the earliest one I had, which was 1850. Needless to say, I never came across a 1933 one and my collection is far from complete, though it came to include lots of halfpennies, old shillings (one from George IV) and so on. Why I still have the tin of these, it's hard to say, and I don't really know what to do with them. I'm sure they're worth all of about £3.

Was Grandson interested in this little insight into Granny's youth? Er, no. But he knew what to do with them, all right.

Meanwhile, Granddaughter made tea and toast using stacking cups and some toast-shaped pieces of paper for making notes on, which live with a plastic "toaster" given to me by my niece Ali some years ago (providing hours of happy imaginary toast-making by both grandchildren). The black and white mug coasters on the left were made by Ali of Quiltingorchardist and given to us when she and her husband visited on the very day that Grandson was born, 4 and a half years ago. These were used as various other types of food in this feast. They too have been well-used, both as mug coasters and as playthings. So thanks to both Alis!


  1. I have a piggy bank full of pennies, someday I'll look at all of them. Your collection sounds interesting and I love your grandson use of them.

  2. Ah, the Children's Encyclopaedia! I still have my complete set in a special bookcase. I marvel at what seven year-olds could read and understand in the 1940s.

  3. I must search my penny collection forthwith. Grand daughter is still putting things in her mouth so I can't risk that tin or the button drawer with her yet..

  4. You might be surprised at how much they're worth, or at least individual ones. It sounds like you just enjoy having them, and they appear to have a practical use! :)

  5. Your grandson is a very inventive little lad!
    My Mother`s old button tin is a favourite with our two granddaughters.

  6. I well remember 4.5 years ago, and the unfortunate timing of our visit on such a busy happy day for you both. My how he has grown!
    I'm glad your granddaughter has found an alternative use for the coasters.( I think she looks a lot like you ) Little N is certainly a busy young town planner or engineer?
    Like you I find I get little use done when grandson is staying, but it is 10 days since he left to go home and I miss him. He was just starting to recognise me and smile and talk. I hope to see him again soon.

  7. I don't think I could have predicted the toast notes would be such a hit many years on! But very glad they are :)

  8. Another fun post. In which I've taken two, perhaps not intended gems:

    1) It seems that you always have international visitors when life-changing events happen. Or life-changing events happen when you have international visitors.

    and 2) we should never discard anything -- you never know when it will come in handy for some totally different use!

  9. I have a tin of pennies given to my by a friend, collected during WWII, when they were made of zinc(?) here in the US. Doubt they are worth much, either. I have also collected "wheatie pennies" an older minting where on one side there is engraved a sheaf of wheat.