Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Granny fun

On Tuesdays I pick up Granddaughter the Elder from nursery at 11.30 am and we go on a trip - often, as today, to the museum.

In the downstairs playroom, she likes making the dragon move by turning these wheels.

In the upstairs playroom, she likes to dress up in - sometimes unusual - outfits - such as this: a deep sea diver with a furry hat.

There aren't all that many places for an elderly granny to sit, so today I had the brilliant idea of bringing into the playroom one of those folding stools provided in other parts of the museum for the less able members of the public. I thought I could sit on it while she did her thing.

That worked really well, as you can see.

Here, she relaxes while watching leafcutter ants.

And here she moves on to her next project, stool firmly clutched under her arm.

Then we went back to her house, where Grandson was home from school and, as usual, was drawing. Here he depicts chaps mending the road by filling in holes with small stones and then applying black tarmac. I like his multi-coloured cones.

And here's a street scene including (a newish feature for him) flats with balconies.

And then I came home and made some crazy squares for a quilt for him. Goodness, this is addictive and SUCH a waste of time - all to use up little bits of fabric which cost, oh, all of a pound. I've no idea if I'm doing it right. But it's fun! And one has to do something with one's old age.


  1. One has to do something, no matter one's age, and it's healthy for body and spirit. Way to go!

  2. The more you do it the more it gets the creative juices flowing. Good for you, "waste" away! Your seating plan really backfired didn't it?

  3. Grandson is sure to have a future in town planning or driving or architecture maybe?

  4. Ha! Isn't that the way it goes! Two seats next time? I have one with a shoulder strap - but it would still be heavy to carry two of them. Have you asked if they have any at the museum? One I went to recently does, but you had to ask. I'm very impressed with the finished quilt - certainly no need for disclaimers! I find crazy patches difficult to get the square completely covered, but if I use the technique called foundation piecing I got a better result.

  5. I love your grandson's obsession with roads! I hope we live long enough - you to tell us, and we to read - what he does when he Grows Up. My friend's little nephew shared a similar fascination, in his case for tractors; he now has a motor recovery business (i.e. involving enormous vehicles to transport broken-down cars) but - in the garage of his city house - a beautiful vintage tractor awaiting restoration.
    The museum and its hat collection looks perfect for your little granddaughter's idiosyncratic style of dress!

  6. Thank goodness for a supply of interesting indoor venues for small children to let off steam in winter. But I do agree about it being rather hard on the feet for the watchful carers.
    I have been wondering about the significance of different coloured cones. I see a great many of them decorating a new dual carriageway being built on one of our routes. I expect grandson could explain.

  7. My goodness, that looks like a splendid place to take a child.
    You might be a very tiny grandmother, or else it is a very small stool, but actually it looks about the right size for her, so perhaps the answer is to get her another stool. YOu might even be able to persuade her to carry one on each shoulder.

  8. Outwitted by a child! There is no shame in that though; she is getting tall, too, isn't she?

  9. That little L is a smart cookie! Next time you'll have to get two chairs. And your quilt is looking great! I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do crazy blocks, it there?