Monday, February 27, 2017

Visiting relatives

On Friday, Grandson and Granddaughter-the-Elder had a lovely time playing with the little fountain in our pebble pool. They stuck twigs in the water and diverted it into different shapes as it spurted upwards. It's so nice to see them enjoying simple pleasures and they got only slightly wet.

Then Granddaughter-the-Younger and her parents came for the weekend, which was also very nice. She's sitting up now, and played happily with some of my extensive collection of rattles. At one point, Granddaughter-the-Elder passed by her little cousin, stroked her head and said, "Precious baby!" Aww.

And we went for a very pleasant walk in the Botanics.

We all missed Daughter 2, though. Looking forward to seeing you soon, L!


  1. Great to get together with family and have more visits to look forward to!!

  2. Wow -- it's hard to imagine that your babies could be outside without heavy coats on in the winter -- you DO live in the perfect place LOL! And cute little Granddaughter-the-younger looks suspiciously like FinallyAGirl!

  3. Missing you too! It has been far too long since I was home! Two weeks to go. L xx

  4. They are getting SO big!

  5. So lovely to see them interacting with each other.