Saturday, July 22, 2017


The Edinburgh branch of offspring are away just now, which leaves us with spare time. We had a little trip to the Botanics, where the herbaceous border (my spiritual home) is now getting back to its full glory. It was infested with perennial weeds and so a quarter of it at a time was left empty for two years to get rid of these. This meant that for eight years, there was a blank bit. This seemed endless when it started (would I live to see the bed back to its fullness?) but as time does, it whizzed along and now it's all filled up again and, presumably, weedless.

We went up town, had coffee in a Costa and admired this rather fine cupola. Neither of us could think of what the building had been before its Costa-ing.

We walked home by the scenic route along the river.

So peaceful, and yet so near the middle of the city.

Then yesterday we had a day train trip to Berwick and walked along the city walls.

There was a little art gallery with an exhibition of the Scottish Colourists, such as these paintings by Peploe, either of which I'd be very happy to get for Christmas, hint, hint.

My photo is a bit blurry but in fact, the light on the silver jug is beautifully painted.

We then walked along the river

and admired the meadow planting in the Coronation Park.

(We've also been, you know, changing beds and cleaning and sorting things out. It's not been unadulterated fun.)


  1. Lovely painting of the silver jug, we haven't been to a museum in forever.

  2. I love your 'spiritual home.' I was only surprised that you did not bring along your trowel and knee pads and gardening gloves and take care of that weed problem yourself. Such beautiful places to walk and, as you say, so close to the city. I am green!

  3. My favorite writer is D.E. Stevenson whose husband, James Peploe, was a relative of S.J. Peploe. They lived in Moffat from early in WWII on, and the Peploe family stored a lot of his paintings with them for safekeeping. After the war they took them back and they say D.E. was very sad to see them leave.

  4. My favourite painting of light on silver is The Lustre Bowl with Green Peas by William Nicholson.
    I expect you have seen the original.

  5. Oh {Sigh}. You're sure making me lust after another trip. And did you look for Anne in Berwick LOL???

    1. I was wondering the same thing!

  6. I love the light on that jug too! I would hang that picture in my house. :)