Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Well, doesn't life whizz by? Happy Independence Day, America. It's also my birthday - 67, argh - and the children decorated my cake. Grandson stuck in the HAPPY candles and Granddaughter-the-Elder, who can't spell, did the BIRTHDAY ones. Grandson thought it was very funny that she put them in randomly and shook his head wryly at the ignorance of the young.

And they sang to me.

Grandson has now finished Primary 1. How on earth did that year go so quickly? (see above). This is the card that he made for his teacher. Aah. I hope he continues to love, or at least like, his teachers.

She has a pony tail.

And from this pile of leftovers in February - with some red and blue self-colour additions -

I've now finished this for Grandson. It wouldn't win any prizes - I put fleece on the back, which made it difficult to quilt apart from in quite large stitches -  but it's warm and it features traffic lights and road sign shapes, so I'm sure Grandson will like it well enough. I do like stripey binding.

Now to start a cot quilt for Daughter 2's daughter, due in October. Fortunately (considering my rate of progress) the baby won't at first be in a cot. I'll probably have it finished before she graduates out of her Moses basket.


  1. Happy birthday, I love his quilt!

  2. Hope you had a great day! Very nice job on the quilt!

  3. Happy birthday,Pam. Love the quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in August.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the cake.

  5. Love the quilt and cake! Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. He'll love the quilt. How great that he had a teacher that he loved. Would that they could all be so.

  7. Belated birthday greetings...how talented you are to have made such a lovely quilt.x

  8. Happy birthday! How did all those years whizz by? They do, don't they, and with increasing speed!

    I love the random spelling order, after all, ANYONE can have a Happy Birthday on a cake, but your cake is unique! Wonderful.

    I'm sure you've had a very special time, and the family will go on celebrating with you for another....X7 years!

  9. Happy Happy Belated Birthday! I don't understand how these birthdays come around so fast! Grandson's card is SO sweet -- your grandchildren are going to love reading your blog when they get older. And the QUILT!!! It's perfect for your little traffic-loving boy. Perfect!