Thursday, October 26, 2017


Granddaughter the Youngest seems to be doing well and the London family is settling into familyhood.

 Daughter 2 wanted to be sent some family baby pictures to see whether Granddaughter the Youngest looked like her as a baby. This is what she herself looked when she was a week old. I think there's some resemblance.

This led to much reminiscence and comparison of other old photos, such as this one, of the children and me (making a very strange face) in my parents' garden.

And this in turn led us to compare Daughter 2 (above) with her niece, Granddaughter the Eldest, below. There is a definite family resemblance.

Granddaughter the Eldest and I had a trip to the museum the other day. It was a bit wet so she jumped in some small puddles.

And then - among other activities - she found out some things about animals...

... and once more dressed up as Mary Queen of Scots, or perhaps one of her contemporaries.

And then we went home on the bus. A most satisfactory day.


  1. A lovely day and your daughter and niece look a LOT alike!!

  2. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy your blog, Pam. It has been lovely to catch up on your growing family, and the various museums and other attractions you visit. I am recovering from a bladder cancer op, so it is a good time for me to sit and read blogs and get my mind off my problems!

  3. Old family photos are such fun to look through. Your granddaughter the eldest does enjoy looking like Mary, Queen of Scots, doesn't she! She is so darling!

  4. I was struck by the resemblance even before I scrolled down and saw your pictures.

  5. Goodness, the family resemblance is strong! Our little guy is now 2 1/2 and loves Te Papa, our museum in Wellington. They have a couple of interactive children's sections, including one with a theme called Storytime, which changes every few months. It's all contained within a large room, so very good for grandfathers (who just might get distracted and then wonder where Mr Speed-of-Light has gone!) We also can do free bus and train trips courtesy of our Golden-Oldies status! Such fun!

  6. There is no denying family likenesses!

  7. Awww, look at those adorable little Life babies! I see a resemblance between DD1 and Son. Do you thing Granddaughter the Eldest resembles DD2 more than DD1?