Saturday, October 14, 2017

That was the week

It's been a busy old week - not with anything unusual, but I feel the world's had enough of unusual things recently. On Sunday I took the older grandchildren to The Yard, where they had a fine time sploshing around.

How delighted I am that there's somewhere (that isn't my garden) where they can do this.

Then from Monday to Wednesday I had a lovely visit to Daughter 2, Son-in-Law 2 and the Bump. We mainly gardened and had lots of chats. Lots and LOTS of chats. I did manage to persuade her to have some rests as well. Six days to go now till the official due date. I'm not sure if I'll survive the stress. It's much easier on the nerves to have babies yourself than to wait for your daughters to do so. She seems fine, though.

Then Granddaughter 2 and I visited the museum on Thursday but fortunately for you, I forgot my phone, so no photos. Here, however, is Grandson on Friday, painting a big picture ("It's a wall painting, Granny. You need to put it on a wall." Ok then.) It shows the weather in the course of a day. It begins: The sun. Haray! [Hurray!] and goes on: The Rain. Uoh! [Uh-oh.] His spelling isn't perfect but he had a concept. The painting later acquired more grass, and trees.

Granddaugher-the-Elder dictated a story to me: "Once upon a time there was a bat. Along came a fox and the fox ate the bat! The bat was eaten! The End."

(She is made of sterner stuff than her mother, who once burst into inconsolable tears because the Pobble didn't have any toes. Then there was the time when she wanted me to put all the leaves back on the trees because they were falling off.)

And today Mr Life and I took ourselves to the museum to see their exhibition about Bonnie Prince Charlie (it was good) and whom should we unexpectedly meet but Daughter 1 and the children? While Daughter 1 and Grandson popped up to look at the trains, Granddaughter-the-Elder and I went, at her request, to one of the dressing-up places, where she put on a Mary-Queen-Of-Scots-like dress and headdress and solemnly danced to appropriate music selected from the buttons behind her.

What in the world would I do without them all?


  1. It's a huge and unexpected gift. How else would Grandad and I have found ourselves dancing wildly in the kitchen to movie theme tunes on Classic FM with a princess?
    I was glad to see Daughter 2 putting her feet up.

  2. I must know... what is The Yard? In NY, that would most likely be the area of the prison where the inmates get to stretch their legs... but I'm assuming that's not where you took the kids. (Or is it?) Hee hee!

  3. They are in all ways the greatest of blessings!
    You made me remember when my oldest daughter at age six began to tell me a story: "Once there was a very small forest. Just one tree."

  4. The Yard is an outdoor (and indoor) play centre. During the week and on Saturday it's restricted to children with disabilities; on Sundays it's open to children in general. A good place for playing with water and sand, climbing, swinging, riding on bikes and in trolleys... and it's all enclosed and supervised so very safe.

  5. I absolutely love gdaughther in the costume--so adorable! I am sitting here with Ashley in very hot California, but enjoying the time with her and the conversations. :) Nothing like our kids (and grands, although I don't have any, YET!)

  6. You make spending time with grandchildren sound lovely. Not going to happen for me so I will have to make sure that I'm a hands on Grantie as and when that time comes!!