Saturday, October 28, 2017


We were supposed to be going with the Edinburgh family to see Son, Daughter-in-Law and Granddaughter the Younger, but Grandson and Granddaughter the Younger were both a bit ill, so we didn't. Sigh. So Mr L and I walked down the river to the Botanics. The autumn colours aren't particularly good this year - too mild? too dry?  but it was still quite scenic.

You would never guess that there's a busy road going over that bridge.

It's peaceful down here. To the right you can see the backs of some New Town houses - made of cheaper stone, while the fronts are the more expensive stuff. Clearly Scots have been economical at least since 1760.

And we wandered through the Dean Village

 with flowers still blooming in pots,

past St Bernard's Well

and into Stockbridge (here's the expensive stone)

to the Botanics, where we admired this dahlia

and some more late flowers.

So we had a good day all the same. And the little ones don't seem too ill.


  1. Sorry your grandkids are ill, hope all is well soon.

  2. It's definitely the time of year when the illnesses come. I'm hoping that retirement will bring less exposure to those germs! Your photos make me really want to visit Scotland. My next trip!!

  3. I hope your babies are feeling better by now. Do they dress up for Halloween? I laughed at your thrifty comment. It's very common here to do the same thing with houses -- cheap(er) vinyl siding on the sides and back of a house and brick or stone on the front. Happy Halloween!

  4. I DO enjoy your walks... especially as I sit here with a slightly wonky feeling foot... I went out to our Winter Farmer's Market this morning. It is now indoors until spring, but such a nice place to buy food and crafty things! Not as nice as a walk, but still good.