Monday, April 30, 2018

In brief... ish

I seem to have been very busy, a concept which - relating to the retired life - I wouldn't have understood when I was working and was HORRENDOUSLY busy much of the time. I was thinking about this as I returned from buying a newspaper early this morning, feeling a bit stressed about the number of things I had to do. And then I thought: it's a lovely day and there's really nothing to stop you sitting in the garden, reading a book, for an hour or so. Why are you feeling tense?

However, I didn't do this, because I had various urgent tasks. But still - it's a lot more restful than working was. Anyway, much of the time we're busy doing such things as leading the walking group along the coast, as above and below - hardly a chore.

It was a beautiful day, though with a cool breeze from the sea, which is a dangerous combination for a pale-faced Celt.

 I got a bit burnt. But it was such a lovely day out.

And there's been lots of this.

And a visit to friends in the west, who took us to the Kelvingrove, where there was a great exhibition of Charles Rennie Mackintosh-related items...

including this cup and saucer painted by Helen Walton, which I really wanted to take home. (It was actually there, though this is a photo from the catalogue.) I love yellow, green and blue.

And then there's been the Biggest-Granddaughter-and-Botanic-Gardens combo, always a winner.

And then annual photo of my Enormous Hippeastrum, nurtured all year for its week of glory.

And this.

And this.

 And this.

And this. We're so lucky to see so much of these little people. Don't grow up so fast, N and L!

And the spring garden, currently more or less licked into shape - not that this will last.

At last I've finished Biggest Granddaughter's quilt. Look! Triangles! Not quite professional standard, but it's a start. (Don't look too closely.) It took me almost exactly four months. I don't think I should try to do it for a living.

I finished it on Saturday and am already itching to start the next one. Thimbleanna, what have you done to me?


  1. Gorgeous weather, and I love your flowers! I'm not so picky about color, ahem. ;) If I ever get grandchildren, I will love spending time with them too. My daughters have been uncooperative so far. Lovely quilt! You have much talent. I'm impressed.

  2. Hahaha -- I'm SO proud to say that you're HOOKED!!! I LOVE the triangle borders - they're perfect. And it's all hand quilted, isn't it? I'm so impressed -- such a lot of work. I can hardly wait to see your next project!

    And too late Granny -- the littles are already growing too quickly. It seems like little N was just born yesterday. No wait. It seems like just yesterday when we first met and he didn't even exist.

    Such a fun post today -- I loved every bit of it. Even if I did let out a BIG sigh and wonder why I can't live there and walk along the beach....

  3. Well done with your quilt. Your garden is looking so colourful - splendid!

  4. So many lovely things!! I don't want to wish my life away but retirement looks awesome. Keep in enjoying it to the full. Lxx

  5. What a great post.So much to enjoy vicariously. I don't think I'll ever be a quilter like you but at least I have little folk to knit for.