Saturday, April 21, 2018

Packed with activity...

At last the winter has come to an end and it's been warm and sunny. Daughter 1 and I took her children to the new playpark at Newhailes House, which was a success except that it's one of those places with lots of little "houses", with interconnected walkways, into which the children can vanish, so that one loses track of where they are. Which is a bit stressful, though only for the adults. However, we ultimately retrieved them both.

Another day I collected Biggest Granddaughter from nursery and we went to the museum, which is always fun. I've only got another term of doing this because she starts school in August and won't have the afternoons free, so I'm taking full advantage now. Such precious times.

As usual, she spent a lot of time with the books.

On Thursday, Mr L and I went to the Borders on the train - it only takes half an hour or so - and walked through deserted countryside in the sunshine. It was really lovely.

We met a couple of dog walkers but apart from that we felt we owned the place.

You can see how wet it's been: the trees are growing out of the water of this little loch.

Then we came past Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott's little place,

and the Gun Knowe Loch, and back to the station. 7 rather hilly miles. We enjoyed sitting down afterwards.


  1. Glad your weather has improved. We have a week away from the rain, which will be nice. (and 70 degrees in mid-week) I'm excited for some sun and walking!

  2. Lovely photos, especially the road disappearing between the trees.

  3. I look that pic of GD 1 totally engrossed in her book. She is obviously completely comfortable there which is a credit to you. Gorgeous sunny walk too. Lxx

  4. She seems very happy with her glasses and doesn't she look tall?

  5. I just want to come to Scotland for months. The weather will be perfect every day so that I can take beautiful walks like this. Every. Day.

    1. Umm... well... maybe not perfect weather EVERY day...