Thursday, April 05, 2018

The week

Last Saturday we went to the local flower show, where the spring colours were very nourishing to the soul,

especially since the weather was still unseasonably chilly.

Margaret, one of my bloggy friends, doesn't much care for daffodils. But I love them. Even though I don't like orange as a colour on anything but oranges, I make an exception for daffodils - as long as yellow predominates.

I bought a bunch of discarded show blooms. Look at the variety of flowers!

On Monday, we disregarded the cold and went for a walk along the river. There were daffodils there too, bravely flowering despite the weather.

At this point, there was a strong smell of wild garlic, even though it wasn't blooming yet. That's it there: most of the green you can see.

On Tuesday, Biggest Granddaugher got her glasses. It was so interesting: the minute she got them, she walked round the opticians examining closely all the stands of spectacles and cases and cleaning cloths, as if surprised at what they looked like. It's possible that she was just trying to get things into focus, since the optician said it'll take her eyes a few days to adjust to them. The little ones stayed the night with us and she solemnly took them off when she got into bed and said, "I'm just putting my glasses on my bedside table" - like a professional glasses-wearer.

But before that, she dressed up as Supergirl and played with her dollies

while Grandson and Grandpa made railways in the sitting room.

Then some serious work took place in the kitchen, in Grandson's case - a road map.

How I love these little people.


  1. When I got my first glasses, at around age 3, I said I was going to sleep in my glasses so I could see my dreams better.

  2. She looks very grown up in those glasses. As I mentioned, I am on Team Tulip because there are so many colors and varieties of them. Plus, I grew up in a community with huge fields of daffs, as well as a Daffodil Festival, Daffodil Parade and Daffodil Princesses. Thus, meh. ;)

  3. I love them, too, and I don't even know them. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. She suddenly seems so mature. Her glasses suit her well.

  5. They are serious little people, these grandchildren of yours, but I think they also know how to have fun! And they seem very, very lovable. I, my oldest daughter, and her oldest son, all needed glasses by the age of 9...I remember Nathan putting his glasses on for the first time and saying, with such awe, "the world is so...exact". We are all nearsighted. These glasses look lovely on your oldest granddaughter. And the flowers are beautiful. I love my snowdrops, but I am ready to see something else, something more colorful, in my garden at the moment. I remember making 3-d daffodils when I was very young. I remember making bunches of them to put in a vase. I was so happy with them! But there is nothing like the real daffodils outside.

  6. Those glasses are super on her. Our son was ten before he had his first eye test and was so short-sighted we felt very neglectful for not realising. It was leaves on trees that amazed him.
    The road and rail maps are getting incredibly sophisticated. We have new 20 mile an hour zones too and it is very difficult to drive slowly enough because people behind get so cross and overtake with their hands on the horn.

  7. I didn't manage to plant all the bulbs I bought last autumn but the ones Idid are bravely showing up in my somewhat sparse, first year beds! Love it. And love that your grandson has stuck with the traffic layouts (although of impressive complexity). Granddaughter too so grown up. Capturing these moments is a precious achievement.