Sunday, June 28, 2020

Lockdown (easing) week 14 - Little hands and feet

Biggest Granddaughter gave us this card. So sweet.

Yesterday we went up to see Son and The Unbloggables for the first time since March. To our delight, sweet little Middle Granddaughter remembered us and was pleased to see us. Little Grandson is now 13 months, very steady on his feet and extremely smiley and jolly. He tries to do everything that his big sister does - she's nearly 4 so he doesn't quite manage, but you should have seen him trying to jump up and down. He doesn't quite leave the floor, but nearly. Because his big sister was pleased to see us, he was too, which was a bonus, since he presumably doesn't remember us. His other grandparents have been living with them most of the time since lockdown, so we're very much the occasional visitors in comparison, sadly. Still, he'll get to know us in the end, if we manage to survive, and meanwhile we got lots of lovely smiles.

As you can't see here, she's about to swing on loops hung from a tree and he's about to reach up to try to reach another set of loops. He has no chance at all!

But here he is swinging on a swing.

Just like her. You can see where they live. It's pretty, but not easy from our point of view. I don't drive outside the city - too nervous - so poor old Mr L has to do it all, and when he's past it... I don't know. Just before lockdown we'd joined a car club in Dundee, which is about five miles from where they live, with the idea of getting the train to Dundee and then picking up a car from there. Our timing wasn't great, as it turned out. But hopefully we'll get back to doing that in the future, which will be less stressful.

Medium Granddaughter was very interested in this snail. I'm not fond of snails, or at least not in my garden. I have FAR too many and they're all ravenous.

We were lucky with the weather when we were there, but on the way home, rain set in. It was horrible driving. This was the first time we'd tried out our new little car on big roads, but she did all right, though I was very anxious.

Fortunately we were driving towards this clear patch, and we got home all right. It was such a lovely day apart from this bit.

And today... catching up with this and that. We climbed Corstorphine Hill. The trees are exploding with different shades of greenery, the foxgloves still blooming pinkly and whitely and the grasses - so many types of grasses - swaying in the breeze - oh, I do find it interesting what an astonishing variety of flowers and leaves and grasses there are even on one smallish hill. Do you know that splendid poem by Louis MacNeice, "Snow"? "World is crazier and more of it than we think, / Incorrigibly plural." Love it! And love the more-of-it-ness. Just not on roads.


  1. From my observation Mr. L. is a calm, steady and excellent driver. I dislike driving in heavy rain because I have trouble seeing. (why don't windshield wipers ever work without smearing?) I'm so glad that you got to see the grandchildren and son and dil. That must have been a wonderful day!!xoxo

  2. Pam, I am so happy that you have been blogging more. The insight to your lives is, to me, very comforting - especially when you document the daily 'doings'.