Thursday, July 30, 2020

Is this week 19? I forget. Anyway, lockdownish Thursday

I've made a cake because DAUGHTER 2 AND HER LITTLE PEACHY DAUGHTER ARE COMING HOME... WELL, HERE... FOR A FORTNIGHT!!! I'm so excited. They do have to come on a bus, a tube and a train, but I'm hoping that they won't be near anyone germy. (And if we had another lockdown, which seems altogether possible, at least we'll have seen them.) I've made a coconut cake out of the coconut milk (which has been in the freezer) left by her extremely irresponsible tenants when they departed. It seemed appropriate.

It's also been an exciting day because her Edinburgh flat has gone on the market. This was not without incident, because the posting on the ESPC (Edinburgh Solicitors Property Company) featured the marketing chap's original blurb, not the greatly improved (by us) version. This mattered because he got the address wrong, which we had pointed out. The flat is 1/3 (ie ground level, flat 3) and he called it 3/1 (ie third level, flat 1) - not the same at all. This did eventually get changed on the website. And then Daughter 2 noticed that the front of the printed brochure made the same mistake. Grrrr. I assume they'll put stickers over them or something. But really.

Annoyingly, another flat in the same block went up for sale today too. Competition!

She also noticed that two flats in their development in London are for sale just now. The language used by the estate agent is hilariously over-the-top. They're quite nice flats but not Buckingham Palace. For example: You'll be instantly impressed by the abundance of ornate original features from when you push the dazzling stain glass 1930's main entrance door and make your way up the hallway, which features original tiling. As you enter your perfect vintage paradise, you'll notice the amount of care that has been taken to retain key Art Deco features, yet the flawless finish makes your home marvellous for modern living. There are so many original features to marvel at, including your vintage mahogany front door with original lead diamond glass. This gorgeous glazing repeats throughout your home, as does the beautiful brass fixtures and fabulous wooden floorboards that flow through all 785 square feet.

Stepping into your sumptuous kitchen, you'll be inspired to create some culinary classics using your immaculate integrated appliances, set against a beautiful backdrop of dove grey cabinets, dreamy traditional deep sink, gleaming glazed teal tiles and amazing Art Nouveau patterned tiling. 


  1. That is exciting news! Wonderful for everyone to get together. I love coconut, so I bet I would enjoy that cake. Frustrating to have all those errors! I'm a perfectionist and very bothered by those types of things. The description of that flat is over the top with its adjectives, isn't it? When I see the word vintage too many times, I think that it's a fancy word for outdated.

  2. So exciting for you! Hurrah! And so frustrating to have the ad make so many mistakes. Wow. The description of their London flat is florid, to say the least (which they don't ).

  3. Hi, Lifers. Glad to read that you're all well and seeing each other and getting out and about and enjoying all that can be enjoyed. I think life here is on the much the same level as Scotland. Thankfully.