Sunday, October 15, 2006

City break

My husband and I are off tomorrow morning to Barcelona, returning on Friday. I'm very anxious about this, since not only does it involve going on one of these flying machine things, but also I'm leaving with the "children" the burden of looking after my mum and taking her every afternoon to visit my dad in hospital. Dad got his hip pinned together on Monday and is still not making much progress. But this little holiday was booked ages ago, my husband is looking forward to it and my mum is urging us to go. So we're going, barring additional crises. But - sigh.


  1. Hope you enjoy your trip!
    I, too, am a worrier...but my philosophy now is, if you are not there, you cant do anything about it!
    Is that a Begonia in that lovely photo? I have always wanted to grow those! They are so beautiful, with that lovely 'glisten' in the petals.
    Go Well!

  2. You will read this when you get back - so I hope you had a wonderful trip - flying machine and all!!

  3. I hope you had a grand time. Mmmm...paella! The Gaudi house was amazing -- hope you saw it.

  4. Meggie, yes, it's a tuberous begonia. The colour is actually more crimson than the scarlet that it looks in the photo. Thanks to you all for your good wishes - Susan, yes, we did see one of the Gaudi houses as well as the cathedral that I've described in my next blog.