Saturday, October 07, 2006


I. My husband mentioned the other day that he reads my blog. Hello, dear. He knew I had one, because Daughter 1 and I discuss blogs, and he found it, I assume, by Googling something he thought would be in it. No idea how long he’s been reading it, though. (I could ask him, of course. Not really sure why I didn't.) Just as well I didn’t say anything rude about him! (not that there’s anything rude to say, of course).

2. I sometimes wish I’d chosen a less bland name for the blog. Occasionally, I can’t remember which of the less striking blog names on my Favourites list belongs to which more memorable writer. Names like Lainey’s “The Fat Party is O-V-E-R” or of course “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl” are much harder to forget. I chose my name with no thought at all, on a whim.

3. I like seeing what other bloggers look like, but I myself hide behind a picture of mecanopsis. This is partly because it’s a really lovely photo – rather more so than one of me would be – but mainly for the sake of anonymity, in case of the remote possibility that one of my students should chance upon the blog. Being a teacher is quite enough of a public performance without that. I do occasionally wonder what I would do if I met Shauna or Lainey in the streets of Edinburgh, as isn’t impossible. I would be pretty sure to recognise them. Would I say hello? I’d certainly think about it but would probably still be getting round to it as they disappeared into the distance.

4. My name isn’t really Isabelle, of course. Or at least, it’s not my first name.


  1. I read this blog with interest.
    I have tried to get GOM to read my blog- there is nothing in it that I wouldnt not say to him- if you get my drift.
    I too like to hide behind the 'fake' name, & no photo for me.. for different reasons to yours.
    I do enjpoy reading you.

  2. My husband wouldn't know where to find my blog - wouldn't bother me if he read it.

    My name is actaully Anne and I did have a photo of me when I used Diary-X which is not longer being used.

  3. i like the name... i come for the flowers anyway ;)

    seriously, sometimes it's easier to have a less flashy name; i feel so much pressure to live up to mine. it's hard enough to have any adventures, let alone amazing ones. hehe.

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  5. This post is really interesting. I don't use my name or have a photo, so I suppose I too like the anonymous side of blogging. I like the name of your blog, and I agree with Alea, the name and picture don't really matter, it's a great blog :o)

    No-one in my family knows I blog, and I haven't told my hubby, it's a 'me' thing, selfish as that sounds... I can just ramble... not that there's anything in it I would hide from him :o)


  6. Your name isn't really Isabelle? And it's such a lovely name too! I'm sure my dh wouldn't have clue one how to find my blog! Though I wouldn't care if he did -- he knows all of my weird issues.