Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Three seasons in the garden

Rather tired, having taught an evening class, so thought I'd just display three pictures of the garden this year: spring,
and autumn. All lovely seasons in their way. There hasn't been any frost yet so all the summer bedding is bravely flowering on; though with the reduced light, the blooms aren't so profuse.

Tonight, however, it's quite chilly for the first time. The clocks went back at the weekend so that it's still light in the mornings but dark soon after work.

How impossible to imagine that it's spring - nearly summer - in Australia and New Zealand.


  1. The garden looks lovely - I always liked the way gardens have their own yearly lifecycle. I still can't get used to having upside down seasons. All of my mind is screaming "it's autumn" yet the weather tells me it's spring. It is very hard for a Northern Hemispherean to adapt :o/

    Sadly it is bucketing down today... not very spring like! :o)

    Just get all cosy and ready for winter. I loved those cold Edinburgh nights - good excuse for curling up with some nice red wine under a blanket.


  2. Yes, we lost an hour of sleep the other night. But at least the sun isn't rising at 5 blooming a.m. any more ...

    And summer is nearly here! Yay!