Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kelvingrove Museum

Yesterday we had our first Saturday off since my father went into hospital in September. We visited friends who live in Kilbarchan, a village over in the west. After lunch, we all went to the Glasgow Kelvingrove Museum, which has fairly recently undergone major renovation. The collections are now organised in what seemed to us quite an interesting way: at least partly in what I suppose you might call themed areas. For example, there was a butterfly section which had actual butterflies but also pictures, ceramics, embroidery and so on with butterflies on them or inspired by butterflies. Maybe not so useful for the ceramics scholar who might not think of looking there, but fun for the casual wandering browser. I keep seeing wonderful quilts on people’s blogs; wouldn’t a butterfly quilt be lovely?… A project for my retirement? Ah, the number of wonders I’m going to achieve in my retirement!

In one section, there were faces: mainly lots of busts from various eras sitting around companionably on shoulder-height plinths as if having a chat. An Australian girl put a toy kangaroo beside a bust of Queen Victoria and took their photo. I wonder if Her Majesty would have been amused? There were other face-type exhibits and also these fibreglass heads (designed by Sophy Cave) hanging down from the (very high) ceiling, which as far as we could see were all the same chap with different expressions. I’m not quite sure whether they were creepy or funny; anyway, they were quite striking. (The photo above is a bit blurry because it was taken on my husband's phone. )

It was so refreshing: having a day off, catching up with friends, seeing beautiful and interesting things and not giving too much thought to hospitals, work or housework.
(P. S. I've just noticed from the Blogger Dashboard that this was my 100th post. Do I get a telegram from the Queen?)


  1. Isn't that sculpture by the bloke who won a prize in the RA Exhibition (or something) and then found they'd awarded the prize to just the plinth, thinking it was a modern sculpture separate from the laughing head that was meant to sit on it?

    It looks like the same style, anyway.

  2. A change of scenery is good for the soul!

  3. Are they the heads hanging from the ceiling in the first photo? I thought they were balloons!

    OK. I say creepy.

  4. What a beautiful building, the light looks divine. Interesting show.
    Lovely to have a show about butterflies, it's good to see that kind of crossover between disciplines. eg Natural history, craft and art.
    Perhaps shall go there one day.

    Just read an old post of yours about a student leaving out apostrophes etc. I just received an email from a student who was on honeymoon and missed class (!)
    She asked if I could send her the outline, so she could catch up.
    It was an hour lecture followed by a two hour practical tutorial, so I thought this was funny. Bit long for an email.

    (I'm giving her an hour at lunch tomorrow, since she's so keen)

    I'm glad you enjoyed your Saturday.

  5. My parents were at the Natural History Museum down here on Saturday and told me it is so much like the Kelvingrove, and looking at your timely photo, it's true. Both gorgeous buildings.

    Quite like the surreal heads though

  6. Congratulations on your 100th post! And I read your post re eBay. I also know of someone who has had a big problem with his account. I am glad your husband got his sorted.

  7. Thank you for posting these photos. They're deliciously bizarre!

  8. The man looks like he's straining awfully hard.