Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Salford mystery thickens

Thank you so much for all those comments. My record so far (though of course 2 of them were mine...). Several of the commenters are also visited by Salford Person. I wonder what he/she is like... .

My guess is that it's a she, probably in her forties, very intelligent and with excellent taste (naturally), married with two children, interested in reading (we don't need to be Sherlock Holmes there). She quite possibly doesn't have a blog herself; if she does, she's not going to be outed unless she wants to be (and indeed, there's no reason why she should be. Stand firm, Salford Person). I think she's elegantly blonde, the colour possibly assisted a little by modern technology, she's blue-eyed and she works... well, obviously at Salford University but maybe on the admin side rather than as an academic. She drives a blue car and is semi-vegetarian. She likes flowers and has a dog.

Am I telepathic at all? I never have been in my life up till now, so I apologise, SP, if you're a dark-haired male teenager who loves cats and Big Macs.

Salford, for the information of any non-British readers, is near Manchester, which is on the west side of England, north-ish, just above Wales.

On another subject: here follows an email exchange between me and a student in my adult Access to University class. I have been trying since August to improve the technical accuracy of her writing.

Student: hi isabelle,

thus is to let you know that ill not be in college today Anything that i have missed i will try and catch up with during the week

Me: Ok, thank you for letting me know. But don’t write emails with mistakes such as missing apostrophes and capitals, even if you’re not well!!!

Student: sorry i wont do it next time


  1. Poor Isabelle! Do you sometimes feel like you're beating a dead horse?
    As for SP, try dangling a nice quilt from your blog---it worked for me!

  2. This makes me grin too! I also wonder who some of my readers are and why they come to visit. Speculation is great fun, though, especially when you have an over-active imagination!

  3. hi! I'm Italian.. this the first time I visit your blog..I came here through Diana's blog. Like you..I ask myself why so many people don't leave any comment?! I really like travelling around the world with blogs (that's how I came into yours!). ciao, ciao from Italy

  4. Ooh if I were your mysterious Salford Person I'd be tickled by your predictions, wrong or right!

    Love the email exchange.

  5. I love your witty writing-style Isabelle! I have a little picture on the sidebar of my blog that I borrowed from someone, maybe you could use it on your blog? It's a picture of a grumpy-looking old lady and it says 'Would it kill ya to comment'?

  6. I love the little talkes about your students!

    Thanks for your comment. How exciting for your son to be coming over to this part of the world. I'm sure he will love Nelson It is a really beautiful city. It is New Zealand's sunniest city as well. He should enjoy his stay.

  7. Oops - and then I go and have a typo on my comment!! I do know that talk does not have an e in it!!

  8. THanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's always nice to meet new bloggers. I can't write incorrectly even on MSN. The computer is ruining language and spelling because people have realized that it can still be read, even full of mistakes, so they don't go back and correct.