Sunday, March 18, 2007

Random scenes from family life on Mother’s Day

This was my Mother's Day card from Daughter 2 and Son. Subtle, what? By the way, Son does say that he’d take this possible cat with him when he leaves home. Hmm.

Scene 1

Daughter 2 [to Son]: It would be a shame to leave a kitten alone all day. You could get one of those baby sling things and take it to university with you.

Son: That sounds like a good idea. [Pause] A bit tricky when I’m in theatre, though.

Daughter 2 [meditatively]: The kitten would have to scrub up.

[Daughter 2 and Son make kitten-objecting-to-being-scrubbed noises.}

Scene 2

[Daughter 2 takes the sticker off a bunch of Mother’s Day lilies and attaches it to her brother’s sweatshirt.]

Son [reading upside down]: “Guaranteed to last 9 days”. What happens to me after that?

Daughter 2 [firmly but sympathetically]: Well, after that you begin to smell.

Scene 3

Son: You know those two cats we’re getting?

Me: What??

Son: Cataract and Glaucoma…


  1. I am betting a cat appears on the resident list in your house in the next month. You are going to give in.... I can sense it!
    This is too funny for words!

  2. Ah, the choices ... Fluffy, Ben Purr, Lucy-fur, Purrcules.

    Yep, we might as well all chip in and get you a litterbox and a litter sifter.

  3. Yes, there's definitely a cat on your horizon. Let's hope you don't end up calling it catastrophe!

  4. Tomfoolery. Catastrophe. I think they have you beaten. What if you loved it so much, you couldnt bear it to go??
    Nice for you to have the offspring home for the day. Ours is not until May.

  5. Good luck with the appointment for your eyes. Your family have got a sense of humour!!

  6. Give up! I sense a cat moving into your home shortly.

  7. I love your children's sense of humour - funny how they never quite grow up as far as we're concerned! Re your cataracts, my husband had both his fixed recently - one in November and one in January and feels like a new person - calls them his bionic eyes!

  8. When my husband was in grad school, the first year we were married, we acquired a black lab puppy. We couldn't leave her to yip alone all day in our appartment, not least because it was against the rules [like Mary's little lamb!]So he took her with him to his classes. In the roomy pockets of his field jacket. And sacrificed his hands for her chewing pleasure, and to keep the yips as low key as possible. But still the professor complained and expressed dismay at the immaturity of graduate students who would make yipping noises when he turned to write something on the blackboard...

  9. Oh Isabelle, I am so sorry to hear about your eye problems. Our eyes are so precious, it is truly frightening when something goes wrong with them. I got an awful fright some time ago when it was discovered I had a tear in the retina of my left eye. It was fixed, but could have left me blind if I'd not had it treated.

  10. So has the cat arrived yet? :)

  11. I love the card... and I too predict there'll be a moggy in the house soon :o)

    I miss having a little pudder around, one of the downsides of being a renter is not being able to have one :o( can't wait to buy somewhere! :oD

    So sorry to read about your eye problems Isabelle, along with everything else that's just awful. Btw, I think you were fully entitled to your grump post. You've got more than your fair share of horridness going on right now, I hope things get a bit easier soon. Until then, hang in there. Thanks for your good wishes for my Moomin... thankfully shes's well on the mend now.