Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bah, humbug

This is our hall - the decorators are here to repair the ravages of the flood, but not much progress has been made yet.
We're having the (large) flat part of our roof redone too.
So there are two lots of workmen around: one lot scaring the cats outside by throwing roof down into the garden and one spooking them inside by throwing wallpaper on to the floor.
The cats are not happy.
Neither am I.
I have a streaming cold; I'm very tired; I'm not in the least ready for Christmas; everyone else in the blog world is (what's this passion for putting trees up on December 1? Have you no work to go to, floors to wash, cards to write, mothers to visit, meals to cook?)
Still the catlets are cute, aren't they? A nice furry purring session does much to improve the spirits.


  1. I echo your bah, humbug! There's no Christmas tree here, no cheerful wreaths, no steaming cauldrons of wassail.

    I'm so sorry about the cold. I hope it disappears soon.

  2. You're not alone. I woke last night in a cold sweat thinking about all the things I still have to do between now and Christmas!

  3. No tree up at our place either. In fact, not a decoration in sight.

  4. oh, Isabelle, truly,

    I am so unprepared for Christmas. And the children only helped decorate the tree with SUCH bad grace that I was mortally offended. (How awful!)

    When did Christmas get to be such a chore?
    My mother is seriously ill and I may not have her for the next one, so I am doing my best to make it nice.
    I have had northern hemisphere Christmases though...seems more christmassy. Do you realise how early one has to get up here to beat the kids?!?

    I got a pang of nostalgia seeing your hallway!!!
    Hope you feel well soon, and hope those cats are not too traumatised.
    I'll think of you at Carols at the Beach.

  5. Don't fret - you're not alone! Soulmate and I are moving house this weekend, and so don't feel at all inclined to get into the Christmas spirit, in fact I am just stress, stress, stress and have yet to even think about cards, shopping etc. Eeeek! Lists... must write more lists... connections... disconnections...!

    And definitely no deccies yet! :o)

    The catlets are very cute... awwww. :o)


  6. The Christmas tree here has been dragged out of it's hiding place and is now on the the garage floor - getting closer.

    Nowhere near organised or into Christmas here yet either.

  7. Our tree is not up, nor is the closet pole that fell down right before our holiday in August, the kitchen is half painted, and needs to be completed before my parents arrive on the 20th. We have realized we need to get our carpet cleaned before then too, because a cat urped on it, and now there's a clean spot from scrubbing up the yuck.

    I admit I'm pretty much done with the present buying thing, but that's only for immediate family, not many people!

    Feel better?

  8. Yes, MDH and I just made a big decision about our tree.

  9. Buying presents in a mad rush before Christmas is all part of the fun!

    Christmas Day will be a success, no matter what happens.

    And you know the kittens are guaranteed to have fun. :-)

  10. Don't fret. We have a tree up, but only because the boys nagged. It is up and decorated but NOTHING else Christmassy has been done in the house. There is a bit of tinsel that was surplus to requirements for the tree and it is....lying on the hall floor, where it has been since Saturday. I am not houseproud.

  11. My tree is up and decorated and my decorations are in place!!!

    Mind you, putting one pre-decorated fibre-optic tree in place and an advent candle in the window isn't exactly taxing!

    Pretty flishy-flashy lights though.

  12. The tree is up and so are the decorations but you should see the rest of the house. And the lack of presents I was supposed to MAKE. That woudl be between midnight and 4am I suppose. And Grump does not begin to describe me last Sunday. At the moment I am too tired to think never mind do anything. Groan. When do you break for holidays? We are only stopping on Friday 21st at 3pm. So I am doomed. Amazon...... now where is that list......

  13. Where did you get the idea that everyone in the blog world is ready for Christmas? Americans are nuts. They put their decorations and trees up right after Thanksgiving. Then on St Stephen's Day [your boxing day] the tree is already out by the curb waiting to be hauled away. I refused to conform. My tree will go up the week before Christmas and won't come down until Little Christmas [Jan.6th.]If for no other reason than I like the pretty lights and am not going to all that bother without getting mileage into January for it! Go read Rise,and mumble what she's mumbling and you'll feel better! Hope the cold clears up soon....

  14. So sorry about your cold, Isabelle. So much to do and you're not feeling well.

    This will make you feel better... the tree on my blog is from last year. I have done very little. I don't think I'll even send out any of my Christmas cards. Boyd's leg is still in a cast so he is of no help as far as carrying up boxes of decorations. I just had a bunch of stitches out of my shoulder yesterday and am not supposed to lift things. We have a ton of people coming for Christmas day dinner and my daughters on the 26th. We do the traditional prime rib roast with yorkshire pudding. Our dining room table is still piled high with Boyd's doll house making project. EeeeeeeeeeeK! What shall one do?? I'll go to our front porch and kick the rotten pumpkins and gourds into the bushes along with the frozen mums. Slap the wreath on the door which I already did once only to find out it was the summer wreath as we drove in the driveway. I can't go any further... I'm making myself ill. It will all work out... it always does.

    I think I'll go pray.

  15. Isabelle, as One Still in the Midst of Christmas Blahness, I understand. I liked your suggestion on my blog, but I suspect it's now getting a little too close to The Day to be used.

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  17. Cats do have a habit of doing that - finding you when you are at your lowest, and purring to cheer you up! Hope your cold disappears very soon, and don't worry about Christmas...it will be here again this time next year! Helen sends her love and hopes to get on to the hospital computer soon to say hi to everyone!

  18. No, no tree or tinsel here! Not even dogs in funny hats!

    I hope your cold goes away quickly.

    They say patting a nice furry friend lowers your blood pressure, & slows the heart rate. Good for you!

  19. Poor Isabelle ... I hope your cold has taken itself back to the snotosphere where it belongs.

    No tree, no decorations, no flashing lights, no santas ... NO NOTHING.

    I think I'm in denial.

    I heard recently that if you place a purring cat on a broken limb that the bones will knit noticeably quicker than normal. Imagine that? You could hire the catlets out on healing jaunts or joints even ....

    Or maybe just take yourself to the scratcher with the 2 purring, healing beauties ...