Sunday, December 23, 2007

Funny but not Christmassy

I don't know how to do the thing when you make a little You Tube screen come up on your blog. But anyway, here are links to You Tube things you should look at if you don't know them. They certainly appealed to me.

The first is a woman (Anita something?) singing all the things a mother says in the course of one day - to the tune of the William Tell overture.

The second is a monk faced with new technology (the book) summoning help from the mediaeval help desk. (When I saw it originally, it had subtitles to the end (it's in Norwegian) but now the last few sentences are missing, but anyway, the little book that gets picked up at the end is the manual.) That monk reminds me so much of me, some time ago (or indeed me now, sometimes). I think it's very funny.

I don't know if I'm actually making links that work so sorry if they don't!* My domestic help desk people are currently:

Daughter 2: having a nap
Husband: having a nap
Son: tidying his room (and I don't want to distract him...)
Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law - with his parents in Worcester.

I'll get them to fix it later if necessary.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

The Mom Song:

IT Helpdesk:

*Edited to add - the links seem to work.


  1. Either the IT Help Desk woke up or you had those links exactly right Isabelle. Laughing out loud here.

    I'm sure "the Mom" will be saying all that on Christmas Day too.

    Have a lovely Christmas Day of your own. Wishing you and your family a safe and prosperous New Year.

  2. Happy Christmas dear Isabelle and life house.
    happy christmas, dear Cassie and Sirius!

    How hilarious is "The Mom"?.
    That was very funny! Thanks!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, I am just off for a swim and then to the markets for fresh fruit.
    We are having seafood and fruit platter, but I am sure you are having traditional food, which is a fabulous thing.

    Have a great day, bless you all.

  3. hi Isabelle & K

    another Sydney person wishes you all the best for christmas. No seafood or turkey for me...maybe the odd lentil or two, and the best celebration of all: a 15 km run.

    It sounds to me, from what I've read on various blogs, that your family is pretty special, and that the get-together will be a great event!

  4. Happy, Happy Christmas to you and all of yours!

    From way over here in Nova Scotia -

  5. Have a wonderful Christmas, Isabelle. I have so enjoyed reading about your family.

    Please pass my congrats along to Daughter #2 (I believe it was) and the very creative hat!

  6. Yes, they work! Brilliant!
    I can assure you that I do not usually sound like a fish wife. Or shriek. And my English friends think I sound South African and my South African friends think I sound English. But when I shriek, hmmm. Yes. I go back to my roots!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas Isabelle! And peace and joy and lots of love to you and your family. It's been such fun getting to know you this year. Can't wait to see what the new year will bring. Just think... a year ago there were no precious kitties in your home.
    Off to bed as tomorrow begins a series of busy days with lots of company. Also, my daughter's 1st fitting of her wedding dress and the next day we go to a designer who is going to make her veil.
    I could chat on, but I'm fading.
    Love to you,

  8. Hi Indeed funny but great to see!

    I wish you a good and merry Christmas with your Partner, friends or family, and I show you some Christmas "decorations and music/habits' on my blog come and see my blog, thanks for being sunch a good blogvisiter,

    Christmas greetings from JoAnn

  9. Spot on with the links! I love the "William Tell" song and I know of no woman with children who hasn't come out with at least 60% of the lyrics in that song! Have a peaceful and wonderful Christmas, all of you.