Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas trees and other matters

The Life Christmas tree has been in position for a few days.

Daughter 2 worked till 7.30 last night and then dashed home and had five minutes to decorate a hat for a party before she dashed out again.
On another topic... I said to our son this morning (he’s a final year medical student), “What are you doing today?”

“I’m walking to the hospital,” he said, “and then I have a colono-rectal clinic, then two hours’ teaching on poo, then [his girlfriend] and I are going for a walk in the Botanics to celebrate the end of term.”

Seems like a nice symmetrical day, but makes me glad I’m an English teacher.
Especially since I'm now on holiday. (Little dance.)
Happy Christmas, y'all!


  1. I read your last line and saw "(Little dance.) HOppy Christmas, y'all!"

    And thought you were very clever.
    Well, I still think you're very clever. Just

    Not everyone has frogs on the brain.

  2. It's nice how our children can introduce us to worlds that we don't inhabit ourselves, isn't it? I mean, the world of the gut is something we all have an "interest" in, but don't usually think about! My son developed a gut disease, so we've learned about different types of enemas, seen color pictures of his inflamed bowel, met drugs we'd never heard of, etc.
    My daughter has introduced us to the world of lesbian nuns, Greens party politics, new perspectives on history, multiple body piercings, dreadlocks. . . and more!
    I like your tree. This year I decided I couldn't be bothered getting our decorations out...and so far no one else seems to be interested in filling that little void in our lives, so we have a Christmas-decoration-free house. Maybe someone will relent and follow your example at the last minute.
    Hope your Christmas goes well.

  3. I do like your daughter's hat. It's quite stylish, isn't it?

    Bless your son and others like them who willingly endure learning about feces delivery systems. It probably isn't something the rest of us care to dwell on, but we'd be darned miserable if ours didn't work.

  4. My little damce turned into a performance worthy of the West End yesterday, Isabelle! I love your tree!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. Enjoy every moment with your family!

  5. I've just done our decos and frankly I'm never sorry that I leave them so late; they look tired enough by 12th Night any way so heaven knows how they'd look if I put them up three weeks ago.
    Your tree is nice and chunky and your daughter looks very fine in n
    her hat, but not as good as Sirius did in his!
    Happy Christmas Isabelle!

  6. Have a Merry Christmas with your lovely family!
    Your tree is pretty, & so was the tree wearing hat girl!

  7. The Life tree is lovely indeed! Yay for the Christmas break -- may you have a wonderful rest. Can you really say "y'all" in Scotland -- it just doesn't sound right LOL! Have a Merry, Merry Christmas dear Isabelle!

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas Isabelle with your family (so glad I wasn't very good at science and concentrated on literature instead!), Send our love to the kitties too, how are they resisting the lure of the Christmas tree?

  9. Little dance me too - I'm a teacher of Grade One children in Australia and am looking forward to lots of gardening in the holidays.