Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chilly chilly chilly

It's snowing again! Here in Edinburgh we usually get very little snow but this year has certainly not been typical. I've just come in from teaching my evening class and got soaked while I was walking across the car park by big, sloshy snowflakes propelled by howling winds. This pieris outside our front door is covered not with beautiful white blossoms but huge lumps of soggy snow. March going out like a lion!

I've finished marking my huge heap of essays, which were not (alas) startlingly good but which featured (alack) not all that many sillinesses for your delectation. I can offer you only:

Some scientists say that it's a sign of global warming that the glaziers are retreating.

The way tha't the theme effect's the characters in this story...

He is being sartistic and dimsife.

(No, I don't really know what she meant either. I assume "sarcastic and dismissive".)


  1. Wow! I can't believe it's snowed there - especially so late in the season! And I'm sure glad our glaziers haven't retreated yet -- I need to know we're covered if we break a window!

  2. If glaziers are retreating how will I get my window repaired?

  3. I don't know why Thimbleanna is so surprised --- When We found out we would be moving to Minnesota a friend who lived there wrote to say, they had just had another snowstorm.....In May!

    April is sure to be nicer.

  4. Oh no! I've just put the snow-boots back in the attic.

  5. I thought of you and the other Edinburgh folks - all my Scottish blogger friends seem to be in Edinburgh - when I heard it was snowing there again.

    One nice thing about this late spring is everything's coming out at once, I've never seen daffs and camelias and blackthorn and pink cherry and primroses and hellebores all out at once like this. But it's too cold to go out and enjoy them much!

    I think I might reserve 'sartistic and dimsife' for those very special put-downs. It's rather odd that someone has that level of vocabulary but so little idea how to spell it. Even a spell checker would surely be confounded by that...

  6. No snow to report from Berlin, but I am told it's coming. Bah! I was so looking forward to an Easter egg hunt in my aunt's garden with our little one this year.

  7. How lovely to have all the spring flowers coming out. You must post some photos of your snowdrops and snowflakes.
    Sorry to read of your daughter's job loss, and I hope 'something turns up', and that your mother does not have any more falls. It is such a worry when this happens. Every time I go out I wonder whether things will be all right.
    Your concert sounds great. Carmina Burana is wonderful to sing, such energy, such precision, volume and intensity and wonderful melodies.

  8. Snow here in Malvern this morning but not settling, thank goodness. Now it's somewhere between sleet and hail and very cold. Can't believe it's April tomorrow.
    I expect the scientists upset the glaziers by being sartistic and dimsife, don't you?

  9. I hope your Spring comes soon.
    I do enjoy reading your howlers, but wonder how those people will fare in later life.
    I had a 'best friend' at school who was labelled a dunce, so she lived down to the label. She never did learn to spell, but she became a Matron of Hospitals, -yes, several, - and is now a Ms VeryBig in a District Hospital System. She is still my friend too.

  10. Ugh! Snow! Snow in March always feels so sartistic and dimsife to me. Retreating glaziers are a sure sign global worming!

  11. LOL! Giggling here not only over your post, but all the amusing responses from your blog readers!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about Ken's op. being postponed. He'll be fine.
    Happy Easter to you too - I hope for your sake it is without snow!
    (but the photo was pretty)

  12. I think Sartistic has potential as a word...

  13. It's STILL snowing? Still? Ok, change of plan for clothes packing for UK holiday...

  14. I love it when you share 'outtakes' from your student's work. Thanks for the smiles!

    Love that snowy bush! Really looks like flowers!!
    Easter hugs,

  15. Snowing? Egads! That's abominable!
    We've had a real mix of weather for March....the middle of the month was glorious for almost 2 weeks, then miserable for the last.
    But the Gods are smiling on us now and giving us a summer-like Easter weekend. Hope your weather improves vastly too.
    Did you know that sarcistism is the lowest form of wit? It's so dimsifiv (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly).
    I'd just like to know where those darn glaziers are off to.
    (It's late).

  16. The malapropisms and misspellings remind me of a story a professor once told me. After one of the class reading assignments, a young man asked why the Pilgrims kept messing around with wooden boats in the dead of winter. Huh? Wooden boats? It turned out that the young man thought the word "hardship" meant a boat made of wood.

    Sometimes these mistakes are funny and sometimes they're just plain sad. I wonder what happens to some of these folks later in life.