Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kittens and things

I'm about to enter assessment hell again - 70 essays (not written by my students) on texts they've chosen themselves. But I managed to fit in a visit to a friend first... and her kittens.

Very cute.

These are not my slender legs.

A couple of thoughts from the essays:
1. "Stanhope was a hypochondriac with many imaginative illnesses."
(Yes, I've come heard about some imaginative illnesses in my time from students who haven't been in class.)
2. [Quoting from a poem]: "The deck piled high with bodies - this doesn't sound like a very pretty picture."
(Well, no.)


  1. For a moment there I thought you were acquiring more cats, in which case you'd be a real Cat Lady. You know the kind--several cats of your own, plus all the neighborhood strays, which you feed because you don't want the poor little darlings to starve, and before you know it they've moved in to your sitooterie, if not into your living room itself, and are demanding to be fed prawns for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you are run off your feet attending to their needs/demands and getting so much exercise that suddenly you find you've acquired those slender legs you covet so.......and you go to see your solicitor and change your will, leaving all your worldly goods to your hundreds and hundreds of cats, much to the chagrin of Mr. Life and daughters one and two......And then I realized you were only VISITING more cats.....

    As Roseanne Roseannadanna [Gilda Radner]would say---Never Mind!

  2. I quite like the imaginative illnesses! Really gave me a smile.

  3. Eek.

    This reminds me of one of my mother-in-law's malapropisms, "Your son is very photographic." (Not to tell tales on my mother-in-law, for whom I have great respect.)

  4. I love kittens and I want to be a cat lady but my 2 cats won't allow more.

  5. All of this made me more imaginative by the minute.

  6. From thousands of miles away and across the sea, I want those darling babies! Right. If you could see my tiny house with two fat, lurchy women and two cats and a tall greyhound....but ohhh, those kitties. Love today's howlers, too. Good grief.

  7. What lovely kittens! And perhaps my 7-year-old is destined to give her teachers the same sort of smiles that these students have given you --- yesterday she looked around the admittedly messy living room and announced, "This place is a pig stew!"

  8. Ha, I love the comments from the essays! You must have some good laughs reading them.
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  9. Hahaha! Cute little kitties -- I'll bet you're being tempted to acquire more little kitties, no?

    And now, I'm officially a bit worried about Molly....

  10. Oh no - I wish I hadn't looked at those pictures now. The Grand Resolve (No More Kittens) doesn't stand up well to pictures of little fluffy cutie-pies and their adorable whiskers....

    I disagree with Molly though - running about like a demented slave for one's cats just DOES NOT give one slender legs. Ever.